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A Patagonia Adventure for all the Sides of You

There’s no shortage of tour options available to help you enjoy your Patagonia adventure to the max, but all too often speciality and niche adventure tours focus on just one side of your intrepid personality. Cascada’s all new limited edition Epic Patagonia Multi-Activity Adventure recognises that there’s more than one way to have an adventure and luckily there’s more than one side to Patagonia too! Take a look at what’s in store on our epic Patagonia adventure to satisfy all of your many adventure desires!


cycling in PatagoniaFor your active side

Embrace the freedom of the open road and satisfy your first adventure craving with a bike ride through Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Pushing the pedals is a sure-fire way to get your heart pumping for a natural oxygen high as you travel across the Patagonian steppe. If the exercise alone doesn’t do it for you, the sight of Patagonia’s unusual animals life including llama-like guanacos and ostrich-like rhea certainly will. You’ll also pass tumbling waterfalls, canyons and lakes before you refuel and relax with a traditional Patagonian barbeque and breathtaking views at Laguna Azul. When you’re done, you’re free to head back to your evening accommodation at EcoCamp Patagonia in the support van, or use your second wind to cycle all the way back again!

kayaking in patagoniaFor your meditative side

You may be all about adventure but you know that doesn't have to mean that you're constantly hunting the next shot of adrenaline. Just like the best iTunes playlists, the perfect adventure holiday has its moments of intense activity followed by passages of chilled-out contemplation that allow you to soak it all in. Kayaking in Patagonia is the perfect way to stay active and continue your adventure, whilst still taking the time to bask in the theatrical beauty all around. Why just admire Patagonia’s glassy glacial lakes and fjords from afar when you could float along them and experience your surroundings from a totally different perspective. You’ll come face to face with brilliant blue chunks of ice also floating on their way, and then take a boat ride to meet the glacier from where they all set out.

horse riding in patagoniaFor your rustic side

Lots of adventure sports rely on the very latest technology and engineering to enhance performance, after all both bikes and kayaks are more likely to be made from carbon fibre than wood these days. But it is entirely possible to enjoy the latest technological advances and still appreciate more traditional adventure activities that have barely changed at all in hundreds of years. Horseback riding in Patagonia is an ideal way to explore these rugged lands and dates back to the times of the earliest settlers in Chile. On horseback, you’ll to cover large distances and experience the thrilling landscape of Patagonia without doing the legwork yourself. That’s not to say that horse riding isn’t an energetic sport, as anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes on horseback will tell you. In fact, horse riding is one of very few sports that work all of the muscles in your body. How’s that for an adventure sport!

trekking in patagoniaFor your tenacious side

You simply can’t leave the trekker mecca of Patagonia behind without challenging yourself to a hike to one of it’s famous viewpoints. On the Epic Patagonia Multi-Activity Adventure you’ll attack the Torres del Paine base trek to see the unmissable triplet of granite spires reaching high into the skies. Hiking in Patagonia is no walk in the park and when you’re on foot it’s just you against the uncompromising terrain. You can take it from us, you’ll need stamina and strength of mind to push on all the way to the top of the steep moraine and reach this awe-inspiring viewpoint but the sense of achievement - not to mention the view - is utterly worth it. The determined adventurer in you could ask for nothing more!

EcoCamp Patagonia DomeFor your eco-friendly side

As an adventure traveller, you’re no doubt more aware than most other travellers of the need to respect and protect the natural world, because you’re so keen to get out and meet it head on. During your Epic Patagonia Adventure you’ll stay in Patagonia’s most environmentally friendly lodging, EcoCamp Patagonia. This groundbreaking hotel is made up of separate cosy domes that allow guests to remain in close interaction with the elements. EcoCamp Patagonia relies on clever design to make the most of natural heat and ventilation, generates all of its electricity from water power and solar panels, and features state-of-the-art composting toilets. You can fully enjoy your trip to Patagonia, knowing that you’re ensuring tomorrow’s adventures in the great outdoors by preserving the environment today.
The Epic Patagonia Multi-Activity Adventure is the all-round experience that satisfies your every adventure craving. Places on this adventure trip are very limited, so book now to secure your spot!