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Cascada Expediciones' philosophy is simple: to offer guests unique, experiential travel programs of the highest quality, which allow them to connect with nature and get out of their comfort zones. We aim to foster connections with nature through extraordinary experiences that focus on outdoor living, physical activities, and promoting sustainable development with respect for the environment, as well as creating a space for our guests to connect with and meet other travelers.


At Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia, our mission is to provide and encourage deep connections with nature through extraordinary travel experiences that emphasize an active lifestyle, promote sustainable development of the environment, and create memorable spaces to meet and connect with people.


We want to be recognized by our customers for being an industry leader and trailblazer for nature tourism and remote, innovative, and sustainable lodging. We want our business to be recognized for being made on a human scale, by hand, where the connection with nature and among people serves as the foundation and a guiding principle. We will achieve this by developing profitable businesses that create value for our entire network of collaborators, partners, and the local community, as well as generate wealth and protect the environment.


Similar to our company philosophy, our core values help form the foundation of Cascada Expediciones, reminding us daily of the importance of our work. We strive for satisfaction from our clients, the preservation of the environment, the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly living and practices, and the idea of putting our words into actions, both at work and in our personal lives.

Passion for nature

We believe that being in nature, in its most pristine state, is a transformative experience which brings people closer to their most essential human qualities. Active exploration and getting out into nature is an act which allows us to live better lives, which we wholly endorse, support, and take part in

A home for travelers

We are dedicated to making the most remote, natural places more accessible, as well as offering pleasant stays in off-the-beaten-path climates and geographies. We are honored to be entrusted in both promoting and preserving these locations and their authenticity, allowing clients to experience parts of the world that they might not have been able to visit otherwise, and enabling travelers to have an experience that will enrich their lives.

Environmental Awareness

We want our actions to have a positive impact on the environment, and serve as an example of excellence in sustainability. We aim to educate clients on how they can minimize their environmental impact through their choices while traveling and once they return home.

Engagement in our work

We love our work and have fun doing it. We transmit that love to everything we do, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. For this reason, we are rigorous in working to surpass the expectations of our clients, collaborators, colleagues, business partners, and ourselves.


Crafting Unique Experiences

Our products offer unique experiences for our clients. We design and craft them to be one-of-a-kind, not a cookie-cutter model that churns out the same results time and time again. Developing a profitable business which fulfills this promise requires a high capacity for innovation. We move comfortably between dreams and pragmatism in order to create these experiences for our clients and ensure the healthy growth of our company and our employees.