Chile is surrounded by many different bodies of water, ranging from colorful lagoons to fierce rivers to more than 4,000 km of beautiful Pacific coastline. It’s a dream destination for a natural-born water baby! There are many fun, adventurous water activities in Chile. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


1. Kayak Beside the Glaciers

You can get up close and personal with some of Chile’s most beautiful glaciers. Sign up for a kayaking trip in Torres del Paine National Park. This trip will give you the chance to kayak down Grey Lake, which leads towards the iconic and massive Grey Glacier. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Kayaking alongside the glaciers is incredible, but luckily, it's not the only kayaking experience you can have in Chile. There are many other great areas with different landscapes to kayak in. For real adventurers and experienced kayakers, check out the white waters in Cajón de Maipo and the Futaleufú River.

Kayaking to Serrano Glacier



2. Surf Along the Pacific Coast

Chile is a prime spot for surfers. Several beaches have good waves and easy access to classes and rental shops. One of the most famous surf beaches is "Punta de Lobos", which is in the Pichilemu area. This beach has previously hosted the Quiksilver Ceremonial Big Wave Competition, bringing in professional surfers from around the globe.

Pichilemu is also home to professional big-wave surfer and Cascada Expediciones ambassador Ramón Navarro. Not only is he a legend in the surf community, but Navarro also cares for the environment and shares Cascada’s passion for outdoor adventure.

Besides Pichilemu, surfers can also check out beaches in Iquique, Arica, Navidad and Easter Island. They provide plenty of spots to catch some good waves.

Surfing in Pichilemu Chile

3. Sail to Chile’s Best Viewpoints

To little surprise, there are many great boating opportunities in Chile. It’s a common spot for cruises and short rides for the day. It’s a great way to see the landscape and the unique Chilean nature.

Among the many boat rides, one that stands out is in Chile’s Lake District. Travel down to Lago Todos Los Santos and pay for a short boat trip around the lake. The view of a gigantic, snow-capped volcano surrounded by green forest is breathtaking, especially if it is a clear, sunny day.

Other incredible boat rides take you to Patagonia’s glaciers, caves and ice fields. Being surrounded by so much sparkling, white ice and snow is unreal.

Sailing to Grey Glacier

4. Scuba Dive Down Deep

Connect with Chile’s mystical wildlife in a new way - by traveling deep underwater. Scuba diving is an unworldly experience, giving you an entirely new perspective of a place so different from what we are used to. You can swim among the fish, seals, turtles, eels, and more in various dive spots throughout Chile.

The creatures you’ll see vary depending on the dive spot. Northern Chile and Easter Island have warmer climates, while dive spots in the central region or further south are much colder. A unique place to dive is far from the mainland at Juan Fernández Archipelago, known for its rare and diverse plants and animals. 

Scuba Diving in Chile

5. Raft Down the River

A whitewater rafting trip is an amazing adventure for your family or friends. There are many places in Chile where whitewater can be found. Some popular spots include the Petrohue River in Puerto Varas, the Trancura River in Pucón, the Fuy River in Huilo Huilo, and the Maipo River in Cajón de Maipo.

These trips are safe, led by professional instructors and a kayaking guide who paddles nearby. On some trips, you even have professional photographers who take pictures as you go!

Rafting in Chile


6. Go Fly-fishing in Patagonia

Something completely different! Fly fishing is an ideal activity for beginners and experts alike. You can test your skills in Torres del Paine Natural Park, which is home to different fish, such as rainbow trouts, chinook salmon, and brown trout.

Experienced instructors will introduce you to the water, the fish, the chosen location, and teach you the technique. After a bit of practice, you can look for the next spot.

The opportunity to unwind among the beautiful mountain landscapes!


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