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Travel news, holiday tips, Chilean culture & history, how to travel in style and be eco chic along the way! The Cascada Travel Blog features interesting vacation and fun facts which can help you with your travel plans or give you an insight into something fresh. Any ideas you'd like to see written about meet our Communications Team. If you're keen to get Cascada travel blog updates subscribe to our Feed Feed or via Email.

Relaxation in the Elqui Valley

Between negotiating prices, finding accommodation, dealing with language barriers and immersing yourself in a new culture, food, and history; travel can be tiring at times. This week, guest blogger Nicholle gives insight into an ideal destination for the TLC tired travelers need, the eternal Elqui Valley (Valle del Elqui). Here, a world of local wines, piscos, fruits, and alternative therapies blend to create an enticing home away from home in the shadows of the region's famous hills and vast skies. Nicholle tells us more...

Hiking Torres del Paine Link Cheat Sheet - Monthly Mixed Tape

View of Nordenskjold Lake - Torres del Paine NP, Chile.jpg

We can feel your excitement. You’ve heard about Patagonia and there’s no going back. Your interest has been piqued, your ears have been pricked and your fancy has been well and truly tickled. Hiking  adventure, here you come!

We totally understand. Even after the decades of Patagonia trip planning we’ve notched up at Cascada, the novelty of setting foot into this wild corner of the world – and particularly hiking in Torres del Paine – never gets old. Whether you’ve just bought your tickets or are doing some final research, we’re here to help. We know there are a few loose ends to tie up before strapping on your boots and heading out into the wild.

Where to go? What to wear? What to bring? *Whew!*

Today we bring to you this ultra-top round up of must-read articles to have your Torres del Paine hiking plan come off without a hitch.

5 Reasons to Hike Torres del Paine in Fall

Condor in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine offers beautiful views, dramatic peaks and miles of winding trails year-round - and luckily April hikers get to enjoy them at a discounted rate! At this time of year travelers do a collective happy dance as domestic flights and EcoCamp Patagonia tour prices all go down! As if that wasn't enough, here are 5 reasons to hike Torres del Paine in Autumn.

Special Offer Autumn 2015

Book your EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari, stay in a Suite Dome between 18 Apr 2015 and 1 May 2015, save 40% (based on prices of high season) and enjoy the best fall colors at Torres del Paine!

Trekking to the Summit of Volcano Villarrica: A Guest Post

Here at Cascada, we love adventuring in skinny ol’ Chile - and we adore hearing from travelers doing the same! Guest blogger Christopher and his hiking boots continue exploring some of the country’s highlighted treks and climbs. Today, he describes his experience ascending Volcano Villarrica, in the Araucanía region. As he details, while the climb is not exclusively for experts, the ascent is steep and crampons and ice picks are necessary. When you reach the top - watch out! - you’ll be standing on the top of an active volcano. In fact, just days ago a preventative warning was issued regarding volcano activity, including restrictions on climbing to certain heights! Not a regular old day, eh? Christopher tells us more...

Planning Your Patagonia Adventure: You Asked, We Answered - Monthly Mixed Tape

Traveling overseas can be a headache at the best of times, but when a hiking adventure in Patagonia is on the menu, trip logistics can cause a veritable migraine.
It’s normal to have questions when organizing a hiking trip in Patagonia, and here at Cascada we’ve heard 'em all. That’s why we’ve put together this handy little link cheat sheet – to help you unfog your mind and get excited about your Patagonia adventure!

Visiting Conguillio National Park's Araucaria Forests

Lake Conguillio Chile

Today, guest blogger Christopher leaves the caffeine-charged frenzy of Santiago's busy streets and heads south, where he's treated to a walker's dream in Coguillo National Park. Clear, crisp weather and a feast for the eyes awaited him: from cobalt blue waters, to snowy volcanic peaks, Araucarias and a surprise sighting of one of Chile's most charming feathered friends. Lace up your boots and come along for the hike...

A Laborious Hike in El Enladrillado

Hiking in  El Enladrillado Chile

This guest story is by Christopher, who is traipsing throughout our dear long land with a backpack and boots always at the ready. As a keen hiker, his wanderlust takes him to Chilean nooks which are unknown to many travelers. In this article, he shares with us his explorations of El Enladrillado in the national reserve Altos de Lircay - as well as a few weather surprises he experienced along the way. Let's find out what happened to him...

The Humboldt Penguin

Meet the endearing Humboldt penguin, native to Chile and Peru's Pacific coastline! The Humboldt is well-adapted to its environment, but is sadly facing ever more dangers in a changing natural world.

Nature's Therapy

We know travel can open our eyes and broaden our mind, but spending time in the great outdoors, wherever you are on the planet, has numerous advantages in itself - keep reading to find out how ecotherapy can help maintain crucial psychological wellbeing.