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Travel news, holiday tips, Chilean culture & history, how to travel in style and be eco chic along the way! The Cascada Travel Blog features interesting vacation and fun facts which can help you with your travel plans or give you an insight into something fresh. Any ideas you'd like to see written about meet our Communications Team. If you're keen to get Cascada travel blog updates subscribe to our Feed Feed or via Email.

New Horizons in Chile's Atacama Desert


The Atacama Desert has been receiving a fair amount of media attention recently, thanks to the miniscule amount of rain which has given life to a carpet of pink flowers. These flowers may not rear their gorgeous heads for very long, but this desert, the driest of its kind on our planet, has a lot more to offer in terms of breathtaking beauty.

Is it possible to eat gluten free in Torres del Paine? You bet!

Javier Lopez

For traveling foodies, the pleasure of perusing a foreign menu, ordering from a street vendor's unusual snack selection, or savoring a new dish's unique flavors is the very heartbeat and reason for travel. Sharing meals is such an integral part of the travel experience that the very names of many countries evoke images of food almost immediately - just try whispering sweet nothings of "Italy, India, Japan, France, Vietnam, Peru, and Greece..." to a food traveler and challenge their mouth not to water! But how do travelers with dietary concerns fare when on the road?


New: Capture Atacama - Desert Photo Adventure


Our new tours in the Atacama Desert really are coming thick and fast. Our latest offering is possibly the one we are most excited about here at Cascada Expediciones - Capture Atacama - Photo Tour. This tour combines both a local guide experienced in hiking through this remote wilderness, with a professional photographer to ensure you are in the optimum positions for taking your shots. 

Love in the wild

Love in the Wild at EcoCamp

Some love stories are so perfect on the paper it makes you want to love and be loved; you see love everywhere, everything is love. Other love stories are so perfect that writing them cannot describe how perfect it was – not even a bit. But who cares – we decided to write this story anyway.

This is the story of David and Tess.

New: Epic Atacama - Multi Sport Adventure

New Epic Atacama - Multi Sport Adventure

We are excited to announce the release of our brand new Epic Atacama Multi Sport Adventure! This is an active escape to the driest non-polar desert on the planet, where you will be able to hike, cycle and ride horses through this incredible, moonscape environment. Since the huge success of our Epic Patagonia Multi Sport Adventure, we have been working hard to ensure we can offer our guests the opportunity to be just as adventurous, in a totally contrasting environment. In order to optimise your experience (and the price!), our team helps to make sure your group is of the perfect amount of travelers. Trip depatures dates are every Sunday all year round possible and depending on the groups traveller size you receive up to 45% discount.

ATTA Adventure Travel World Summit in Chile: an adventure, indeed!


In Patagonia time seems to fly as fast the wind, and we cannot believe most of our partners and friends from ATTA (Adventure Travel Tourism Association) and ATLAS (Active Travel Latin America) have already gone home. Now we have to wait one more year to get together again – this time, with different lakes and mountains. Yes, we’ll be there next year, in Alaska, for another Adventure Travel World Summit!

20 Travel Insurance Tips for your Chile and Argentina Adventure

20 Travel Insurance Tips for your Chile and Argentina Adventure

Buying travel insurance can be an uncomfortable experience as you shell out for a service you hope and expect never to have to use. You know its a good idea to have it, and many tour companies even make it a requirement that you purchase appropriate insurance, but it still isn’t exactly how you’d choose to spend your money or your time. So Cascada has done some of the legwork for you and come up with a list of points to bear in mind; from general travel insurance tips and common pitfalls to avoid, to specific extras to consider for your adventure tour in Patagonia. Now you can relax and enjoy your vacation, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the right coverage for you.


11 Adventure Travel Magazines You Want To Read Right Now


The larger the global adventure travel industry gets, the more competition there is for authenticity and supplying the 'true' adventure. At Cascada Expediciones we feel we are as close to nailing down this truth and authenticity as possible. Our local guides are able to take you on journeys which expose you to both outstanding landscapes as well as enabling you to get a feel of the culture of the place you are visiting.