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When is the best time to visit Torres del Paine?

Here’s a question that all travellers to Torres del Paine have on their mind: when is the best time to visit? Here at Cascada, we understand very well why this is your number-one concern. After all, who doesn’t want to take the best blue-sky picture of the beautiful scenery, especially when you’ve travelled all the way to the tip of the continent for it? 

The bottom line:

Expect to see rain any time of year. Then hope for the best - your chances of getting a clear view of the mountains are roughly equal throughout the four seasons.

Now here’s the quick answer:

There’s no best time to visit Torres del Paine. It totally depends on your expectations and preferences. Photographers love the color contrasts between the blue lakes and the autumn foliage, or the brilliant green of spring, while sociable types bond with other hikers during the peak season. Lower prices in the shoulder seasons draw in more budget-conscious travellers.

That said, you may still ask: But when’s the weather best?

Again, it’s hard to say. The weather in Torres del Paine is unpredictable. It may be sunny one moment but raining the next, in any season of the year. However, there are some general trends that can serve as rules-of-thumb. Summer is warmest, less rainy but has the strongest winds. Winter sees more rain and snow, but with milder winds, you have a better chance of seeing clear skies.

But there’s more to help you decide! 

We’ve laid out all the relevant trip-planning facts month by month in the following table. Check out the meteorological facts, what activities you can do, and what clothes to bring for each month before you decide when to visit.

Finally we have to say, the best time to visit Torres del Paine is whenever you choose to visit! If you’ve taken the decision to take time off your daily routine and spend time with your loved ones in one of the most stunning natural areas on earth, not even the rain can stop you from having an unforgettable experience! Remember every day is earth day in Torres del Paine. Peace!

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