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NEW EcoCamp Extra - Torres del Paine to Perito Moreno

The best of Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia in just 24 hours? EcoCamp’s new Perito Moreno extension gives EcoCamp guests the unique opportunity to breakfast at sunrise in Torres del Paine, travel to the unmissable Perito Moreno glacier in El Calafate, Argentina and return to EcoCamp Patagonia in time for dinner and a good night's sleep in their starlit geodesic dome!
EcoCamp Patagonia is currently the only hotel to offer this day trip with guests leaving Torres del Paine National Park and returning the same day. We decided that travellers on a strict time budget shouldn’t have to choose between the highlights of Torres del Paine and the highlights of Argentinean Patagonia so we combined the two on this unforgettable day trip. 
Travellers not only enjoy getting up close to the magnificent sight of Perito Moreno with its calving 70 metre tall face but enjoy scenic Patagonian landscapes across two countries in just one day! Leaving EcoCamp early in the morning, the morning light across Torres del Paine can be appreciated as the sun rises over the majestic Torres framing the horizon behind EcoCamp. Panoramic views of the park are enjoyed en route to the Argentinean border crossing and a breathtaking view of the Andes Moutnains and Argentino Lake comes into view on the journey to El Calafate.
In Los Glaciares National Park travellers board a boat to the face of the impressive Perito Moreno glacier where they can marvel at the ice calving of the 5 km wide glacier. There’s also an opportunity to walk along the walkways leading across the glacier’s width. After a short stop to explore Argentinean Patagonian hub El Calafate, soaking up the views on the way home is a well-deserved treat, as is the aperitif and evening meal back at EcoCamp Patagonia. 
Book now for your unique opportunity to experience Perito Moreno up close and see the best of Chilean Patagonia and Argentinean Patagonia in just one day! 
Perito Moreno / El Calafate, Argentina
Please note that Perito Moreno to Torres del Paine is an EcoCamp Extra Tour.
Price are only valid as an extension to our Ecocamp Tours.

What is an EcoCamp Patagonia Extra? 

EcoCamp Extras are excursions you can book in addition to our regular EcoCamp programs, to enhance your Patagonian experience. All Extra tours take place after (or before on request) your main program. Transport in and out of the park is not included as these services are covered by your regular program with EcoCamp. If you wish to book an EcoCamp Extra without any other EcoCamp program please contact us so we can give you a quote. Check out all EcoCamp Patagonia Extras.

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