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Trekking Expeditions Activity Guide

Trekking Expedition Tours - Patagonia Tours, Chile & Argentina TravelFrom the Atacama desert in the north to the Patagonian glacial fields in the south, Chile offers exceptional trekking expeditions. Cascada’s Trekking Expeditions are more demanding than Hikes and are ideal for those wanting a big physical challenge in a remote desert or mountainous area. 

In Atacama there are many treks around the San Pedro area, leading up to high altitudes and passing through indigenous villages. These off-the-beaten track expeditions are demanding due to the ground covered each day and the altitude, but the rewards - hot springs, hidden villages, panoramic desert views - more than compensate!
There are many volcanoes and mountains running down Chile’s spine and the trekking possibilities are endless. In the Andes close to Santiago, trekking expeditions lead high up into the mountains with spectacular views of mountain ridges, wildlife, and the city sprawling across the valley below. A popular expedition is the El Plomo ascent, taking trekkers up to the dizzy altitudes of the giant ice-capped dome looming over the Santiago horizon.. 
In the south of Chile there are many expeditions in the Lake District, some leading across the border into neighbouring Argentina. Going south along the Carretera Austral there are many different expedition routes, going far off into the Patagonian wilderness. In Torres del Paine National Park the most popular expeditions are the W trek and the Paine circuit, while in Argentinian Patagonia popular treks take place inside Los Glaciares National Park. 
The W trek has two options - a 5 day short version and a 7 day full version. Las Torres, French Valley, Los Cuernos and Grey Lake and Glacier are W trek highlights. The full 9 day circuit around the Paine massif is the ultimate physical challenge and goes past Dickon Lake and through the John Gardner Pass, leading to sensational views looking out over the immense Southern Patagonian Ice Field stretching out into the horizon.
Treks in Argentine Patagonian usually begin in El Calafate and cover the highlights of Los Glaciares National Park including Mount Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno. Ice trekking on Perito Moreno glacier is a very popular activity during trekking expeditions in the park.