Have you heard the legend of Casillero del Diablo?

It’s a story that takes place in a dark wine cellar in the Chilean countryside. A story that goes back to a long, long time ago. A few weeks back, I learned about Casillero del Diablo and was enticed by its mystery. Curious to find out more, I traveled out to the countryside and went to the very spot where this old tale takes place...

chilean vineyard

The famous Casillero del Diablo wine cellar is located just an hour outside of Santiago, in a small, quiet town called Pirque. In Pirque, the air is fresher and the grass is greener. It’s a quaint, beautiful and relaxing spot to come and spend an afternoon, especially for those who need a break from Santiago’s busy city life.

In the town lies the Concha y Toro vineyard. It’s a big area, full of colorful grape fields, gardens, wine cellars and the 19th-century summer residence for the Concha y Toro family. For visitors looking to explore the space, try setting up a tour beforehand. It’s a good way to learn about the vineyard, taste a few glasses of wine and hear the legend of Casillero del Diablo.

First travelers can first explore the beautiful area. They can walk through the fields and try real wine grapes straight from the vines. There are many different kinds of grapes -- some sweet and some sour. It is a good way to understand how the specific type of grape can influence the flavor of the wine. Along the way, visitors taste various wines, accompanied by complimentary glasses to take home.

But towards the end of the excursion, travelers are led into a dark, old wine cellar. It’s here where they learn the story of Casillero del Diablo. Within seconds, the cold room grows dark and a deep voice begins the tale...

casillero del diablo wine cellar

It all began years ago in Bordeaux, France. A ship set sail from Europe to South America, bringing along seeds of sacred vines. The ship landed in here Chile and the small seeds were planted, growing vines of fresh, juicy grapes. The grapes were turned into delicious wine that was produced in a small cellar on the Concha y Toro property.

The cellar was always locked, yet somehow the wine frequently went missing. Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, Chilean businessman and vineyard owner, grew tired of his favorite wines disappearing. Legend says he spread a rumor. A rumor that the devil himself was living deep within the Concha y Toro cellar. People from all over town heard the story. Many claimed it was true and said that they too, had witnessed the devil in the Concha y Toro cellar.

Today, the legend lives on. Nobody knows if the story was true or if it was just a silly fib used to scare off robbers. It's one tale that will forever remain a mystery...

For years, the legend of Casillero del Diablo has been told to visitors who come to the Concha y Toro winery. Concha y Toro is home to one of Chile's most popular and delicious wines, which to no surprise is named "Casillero del Diablo." This vineyard remains one of the most intriguing spots in Chile to enjoy a glass of wine and is visited daily by people from all over the world. Don't believe me? Come and see for yourself! 

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