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Atacama Desert to Uyuni Salt Flat Crossing

  • The Atacama Desert, driest place on earth, and the oasis town of San Pedro are unforgettable landmarks in Chile. Discover the region's natural wonders and cultural history on this Atacama exploration .
  • A superb extension for all Atacama programs. Travel to La Paz on a excursion through the infinite white lands of Uyuni, biggest salt flat on Earth, and see the natural treasures of the Altiplano. Bolivia Uyuni Connection 4 Day Explorer

Combine Chile and Bolivia on a 9-day adventure. Simply increase the number of travelers to your required amount and book you trip.


Want to discover all of Chile's extremes?

Best of Chile Premium - Atacama Desert to Patagonian Glaciers

Discover Chile's extremes on this premium multi-destination 13 day trip taking you through the country's highlights. From the world's driest desert to the volcanic peaks, the wild Patagonian steppe and the country's vineyards, this trip has everything for an deluxe scenic Chilean adventure! Take me through Chile's extremes!

13 Days, 12 Nights
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Best of Chile - Atacama Desert to Patagonian Glaciers

Venture from the driest desert in the world and towering high-desert volcanoes and geysers to the watery fjords, icy glaciers, and deep ancient forests of Patagonia on this unparalleled adventure through Chile from north to south and everything in between!.

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13 Days, 12 Nights
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