Look closely and you may be able to spot Chile’s most magical creatures. The country is filled with beautiful wildlife, ranging from the massive Andean condor to the elusive puma. Our team at Cascada works hard to find these incredible animals, while also keeping a safe distance and respecting their environment. We've managed to get a number of fantastic wildlife photos! Check out our favorite shots:

Puma in Torres del Paine

The puma call easily be nicknamed the “King of Patagonia,” serving as one of the region’s top predators. They are quiet and blend in with their surroundings, making it difficult to spot them. Listen for the sounds of one of the puma’s favorite prey: the guanacos. Guanacos make a loud, alarming noise indicating a puma may near.

pygmy owl

This species of owl is called the chuncho or austral pygmy owl. They tend to live in temperate forests here in Chile.

woodpecker bird

Do you hear that sound? It’s the distinct noise of a Magellanic woodpecker, one of Chile’s most beautiful birds. They are very important species to the ecosystem due to their unique feeding methods. The holes they create during feeding also make spaces for other creatures to hide, nest and feed.

grey fox

The sly grey fox can be spotted in various habitats in Chile. It is much smaller than a red fox, only weighing up to 4 kg.

king penguin

Everybody loves these cute, cuddly birds! King Penguins are the second largest penguin species in the world. Most of them live in Antarctica, with a small population residing King Penguin Park in Tierra del Fuego in Southern Patagonia.


This South American deer, also known as the huemul, is extremely tough to find. Sadly, this species is endangered with less than 1,500 of them left.

Guanacos mother and calf

A mother guanaco and her young graze in the fields of Southern Patagonia. These sweet creatures show resemblance their relatives, the llama, vicuna and alpaca. They tend to live in herds and are easy to spot in Torres del Paine National Park.

dwarf armadillo

There he goes! The precious dwarf armadillo wanders along the dusty path in Torres del Paine. This particular species of armadillo hibernates during the cold winter months, but can be seen during warmer parts of the year.

andean condor

The Andean condor sits among the cliffs before taking flight in a windy, mountainous area of Chile. Watching it glide through the sky is quite a sight to see! This species is one of the largest flying birds in the world, measuring up to three meters in wingspan.


Want to see some of these unique animals for yourself? Look into our Wildlife Safari program and various wildlife excursion extensions in Southern Patagonia. Don’t forget your camera!


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