Let it snow, let it snow! Winter is truly a wonderful time of year at the end of the world in Patagonia. Landscapes are glistening in white, happy fauna come out to play and the parks have an incredible sense of serenity. In winter, you can appreciate the region’s remarkable snowy nature and escape the high-season crowds.

For photo-lovers, Patagonia is a dream during this time of year! Don’t believe us? Check out these top photos of Patagonia in winter and see why.

winter w trek

Hiking through the French Valley during a Winter W Trek // Photo Credit: Timothy Dhalleine



Beautiful Cerro Paine // Photo Credit: Timothy Dhalleine 

Puma  (3 of 1)

Pumas playing on a chilly day // Photo Credit: Timothy Dhalleine 



Exploring the vastness of beautiful Patagonia // Photo Credit: Timothy Dhalleine



Not a bad view...


Spotting the Huemul, South America's endangered deer // Photo Credit: Mauro Marianeschi



The Suite Dome at EcoCamp Patagonia.


Admiring the deep blue colors of Patagonia's famous Grey Glacier // Photo Credit: Timothy Dhalleine

winter in torres del paine

 What a view! Pehoe Lake from afar.


Winter TDP Thumbnail (2 of 1)-3

The snowy landscape in Torres del Paine.

Guanaco Torres del Paine

A guanaco pauses from his morning snack. These llama-like creatures can be spotted in many of Patagonia's national parks and during EcoCamp's Wildlife Safari program in Torres del Paine.



There's nothing quite as breathtaking as Grey Glacier. 


Winter W Trek (1 of 1)

They made it! Hikers reach the Towers' base during a challenging Winter W Trek


Are you ready to visit Patagonia in winter? Now is the time! Come to Torres del Paine for a Winter W Trek or check out our Wildlife Safari program at EcoCamp Patagonia. Learn more about our winter programs by contacting the Sales team today!

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