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Andes Mountains - Day Trip Adventures

The world’s longest mountain range (on land), The Andes runs along the west coast of South America for approximately 7000 km/4,300 mi, with an average height of 4000 m. The Andes mountains provide a stunning backdrop to Santiago and are very popular with tourists seeking active day trips outside of the city. Trekking, rafting, horse-riding and skiing are the most popular activites. 

Cajon del Maipo is a canyon located just an hour from Santiago in the mountains, and is very popular for  outdoor activites. The area is home to Cascada’s El Morado trek and horse-riding day trips and rafting full day trip. El Colorado, located about an hour and a half from Santiago, is a ski centre (close to La Parva, Valle Nevado and Farellones) which is very popular with walkers and horse-riders in summer.

Quick Facts

  • The Andes is the highest mountain range outisde of Asia
  • At its widest point, the width of the Andes extends to 700km
  • The Incas reached the Andes near Santiago - proof of which is the mummy found in Cerro Plomo
  • Trekking, horse-riding, canyoning, zip-lining and rafting are the most popular activites in the Chilean Andes just outside Santiago

Weather and Climate

The climate in the Andes is slightly different from Santiago due to the altitude. In Farellones/El Colorado for example the 3000m altitude means temperatures are generally low and in winter there is a lot of precipitacion including heavy snowfall (making it very popular with skiers!). In Cajon del Maipo (El Morado) temperatures are slightly higher and the average year-round temperature is 14º C.