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EcoCamp Patagonia - Safari Excursions

During your Wildlife Safari you can choose between nature walks, more demanding hikes and bike excursions - it all depends on your mood, weather conditions and travel companions preferences! 

Follow this link to read the full description of each activity: Wildlife Safari Activity Description 
Pat SD - EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari
All activities are under 1,000 m.a.s.l
Activity Excursion Day Approx
max Altitud
Start Finish
Drive & Walk
Western Lakes,
Navigation Glacier Grey
Tues & Fri 0,8km / 0.5mi >200m / >660ft 45 mins 10am 8pm
Laguna Azul
Mon & Thurs 5km / 3mi >200m / >660ft 2 hr 10am 5pm
Sarmiento Lake &
Fauna Trail
Wed & Sat 6km / 4mi >200m / >660ft 5 hr 10am 6pm
Wild Horse Tracking
Sunday 8km / 5 mi >300m / >1000ft 6 hr 8:30am 6pm
Western Lakes,
Hike Cerro Ferrier
Tues & Fri 6 km / 9mi >700m / >2300ft 3 hr 10am 8pm
Trek Tower Base Mon & Thurs; Wed & Sat 22km / 14mi 914m / 3000ft 9 hr 8am 5pm
Lazo Weber Trek  Tues & Fri 6km / 4mi 700m / 2300ft 5hr 10am 8pm
on Lake Pehoe
and Hike
French Valley**
Mon & Thurs; Wed & Sat 21km / 13mi >200m / >660ft 8 hr 8am 8pm
Trek Cerro Paine Sunday 16km / 4mi >1200m / >3937ft 7 hr 9am 4pm
Bike Cycling to
Laguna Azul
Mon & Thurs 10km / 6mi >200m / >660ft 2.5 hr 10am 5pm

N.B. Please be aware that all Safari activities may be modified depending on third party operational availability, the climate and guides' discretion.