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Karen Gatsy, USA (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek )

We stayed at ecocamp this past December (2015) while hiking in the Patagonias. We decided on the 5 day W trek and had a fantastic time. First of all the setting was all that you can imagine and more. We lucked pout with weather hand had a FANTASTIC guide. We would highly, highly recommend asking for Mariano Cash whether you are hiking, kayaking or just simply want to learn a great deal about the area.

Accommodations - while staying at Ecocamp we stayed in the standard dome for two nights and the superior dome for one. The standard dome was good; very basic, but all we needed. The common showers and washrooms were more like a little wood lodge. They were clean, water temperature and pressure was good,and the smelt good as well. The superior dome was great for anyone who feels they need to have their own washroom accommodations and the heat was nice to have, but not a necessity.

Food - the food was much better than we had anticipated. The dinners definitely exceeded our expectations. As for the packed lunches, you were able to pack as much as you needed, so we never went hungry. That includes my boyfriend who had 3+ sandwiches or wraps each day.

Yoga - the yoga was definitely focused on relaxation and stretching muscles used in the hikes. This is not an advanced class or in any way intimidating so I would suggest it to anyone staying at ecocamp as it is a great way to unwind after a long day of hiking.

Over all, we would both recommend ecocamp. The stand was very pleasant and always willing to help, the scenery was fantastic, the weather was variable but always seemed to clear up at some point. Just an overall great experience.

Travellers Departure: 
Dec 16, 2015
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