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David Callahan, CANADA (5 day Torres del Paine Short W Trek)

Mucho gracias. It was stunning, beyond my expectations. Your company is beyond belief. I love you.
Your driver met me at the airport - a nicer person I have not seen. Then the trek - wow!!!!!!!!! We had a GREAT GROUP - Eduardo (leader) was phenomenal.
The food..super - I gained 10 kg's.
I have now set foot on all the continents this world offers (my trip included Antarctica) .......Chile and Patagonia are special.
I am a bit of a ass - I photograph...for a 1 month visit I took 8000 yes 8000 slides (not digital I shoot slides - 40 kg of camera stuff).....I shot over 1000 frames in 1 day at Torres.

Yes you can use this for promotion.....please, please, please DO NOT CHANGE A is perfect

all was perfect

safe and home in Canada

Gracias ...... wow I love Chile


Travellers Departure: 
Dec 07, 2015
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