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The kids' guide to EcoCamp!

Here at Cascada, we know that having children does not mean your thirst for adventure has been magically quenched! Starting a family is a wonderful adventure in itself and it makes sense to continue it by showing your little travellers the magic of the world you’ve brought them into! So, are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin - let us briefly explain how to reconcile travel with tots, and adventure with adolescents, in EcoCamp Patagonia... First off, here is the EcoCamp policy with regards to young wildlife safari explorers:

Policy with children:

1) The absolute minimum age for children wanting to stay at the EcoCamp is 6 years old at the time of travel, or within the same month.

2) All those between 6 and 12 years are considered to be children.

3) Children between 6 and 12 years can receive up to a 50%* discount.

4) All children must be in good health and able to cope with excursions into the natural world.

5) Children of all ages may take part in all Wildlife Safari NATURE excursions with difficulty category EASY without a requirement to hire a private guide.

6) Children may only participate in excursions with difficulty category DEMANDING if the family hires a private guide to accompany them during the outing.

7) However, there can be exceptions made for children between the ages of 10 and 12 years for the above activities, provided that the tour guides are provided with a written and signed declaration from a guardian that the child has previously undertaken trekking activities for a period of over 8 hours, and that the family agree to hire a private guide if the child has trouble keeping up with the pace of the group. This rule has to exist because we must bear in mind the other guests and ensure that they too have a good experience during the excursion!

8) Cascada Expediciones and Ecocamp Patagonia are against the exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, especially when it can affect children. We take all possible measures, for our staff, suppliers and customers to prevent this. In case of minors traveling with us, we ask the accompanying adults to provide proove that they are parents or close relatives. All our suppliers are required to prevent the exploitation of human beings in any form as well. Regarding our staff, we do not work with minors and comply with existing labor legislation in Chile.

Keep in mind that you will be detained by customs if you are traveling with children and both parents are not present. Grandparents or legal guardians traveling with children under the age of 18 must present proof of custody or letters from the child's natural parents authorizing the trip.

*Children Discount Examples:
2 adults + 1 child in Suite Dome double + single bed:
Child gets 50% discount on triple dome rate
2 adults + 2 children in Suite dome Loft
Children get 50% discount on suite Dome Loft rate
1 adult + 2 children in Suite Dome doble:
One child gets 75% discount based on triple dome price
1 adult + 1 child in Suite Dome doble:
Child gets 25% discount based on double dome price

But what can I do if I have children under 6 years old?

Due to safety and insurance issues, we truly regret that children under 6 years cannot stay in our domes at the EcoCamp. But why not check out these other family-friendly destinations to ignite a passion for adventure and eye-opening travel which will last a lifetime?

1) Just because your little adventurers of tomorrow are not old enough to stay in our unique domes just yet does not mean for a minute that you should disregard introducing them to the allure of Patagonia during your holiday! Mountains, fjords, lakes, glaciers... this is the great outdoors on a colossal scale! Check out the playful penguins by taking a trip out from the Tierra del Fuego to visit one of several colonies out to sea - a sure-fire hit with any pint-sized zoologists! With the possibility of catching a glimpse of whales and sea lions too, you can embark upon a truly unforgettable voyage of discovery at the world’s end.

Penguins and sea lions
A whole menagerie awaits your family!

2) San Pedro de Atacama is a brilliant location for all the family! Play spot the flamingo, treat your eyes to a stunning sunset and pose for breath-taking holiday snaps amongst the dunes and rocks of Death Valley. Feed the passion of any budding astronomers whilst ogling at the incomparably clear, star-spangled skies, and give the trip an educational edge by dropping into the R.P. Gustavo Le Paige Archaeological Museum (temporarily closed) and marvelling at the many pre-Columbian artefacts housed here. With gleaming salt flats, steamy geysers and sandstone canyons sculpted into the landscape to explore, even the tiniest mouth is likely to drop open at the sight of the driest place on Earth.

San Pedro
The amazing Atacama Salt Flat

3) Duck south of the Biobío River to the foothills of the Andes, and get to know Chile’s fairytale-esque Lake District! Let snow-capped volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, mirror-like expanses of shining water and charming lakeside settlements provide the entertainment for kids and adults alike. Lounge in the thermic pools dotted around the area, or enjoy gentle walks, boat trips and fishing. Whether you choose to recharge your batteries in this perfect haven of peace, or to rush out into nature and get active instead, there is no doubt that all the family will fall in love with South America’s answer to Switzerland!

Enjoy a moment of lakeside calm

Let it never be said then that Chile and Patagonia are only for the grown-ups! For tips on enjoying Patagonia with the kids, why not check out our article here, or for a top guide to hiking with children don’t miss this. And why not download our fabulous, printer-friendly Patagonia scavenger hunt so they can record everything they stumble across?

Views like this will make you catch your breath however old you are!