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New Horizons in Chile's Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert has been receiving a fair amount of media attention recently, thanks to the miniscule amount of rain which has given life to a carpet of pink flowers. These flowers may not rear their gorgeous heads for very long, but this desert, the driest of its kind on our planet, has a lot more to offer in terms of breathtaking beauty. At Cascada Expediciones, we take pride in our ability to bring you to unique places - places that will make your hairs stand on end, that will make you holler with joy, and places that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Cascada Expediciones has been running hiking trips in the Atacama since 2001, but it was time to take it to another level. We have recently launched a whole new range of adventures in Chilean Atacama: an Epic Multi Sport Adventure to rival our Epic Patagonia trip of the same name: a photography tour complete with a professional photographer as your guide; as well as various extensions such as camping in a Tipi or having a romantic dinner under the stars.

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Moon Valley - Atacama Desert - Chile

On our Epic Atacama - Multi Sport Adventure you will make various forms of overland journeys across the desert, from your base at a boutique hotel in San Pedro de Atacama: horseriding, trekking, mountain biking - the big 3 of adventure travel! Cycling down a dusty hill at 4000 meters is certainly a worthwhile experience, something which really reminds one that we actually live on a planet and not some labyrinth of tarmac and concrete. We take you to the Tara Salt flats - at over 4,000metres they are one of the only places where you can see Vicunas - camelids who prefer to seclude themselves at high altitude! We also relaunching our Atacama Hiking - Cultural Journey tour for the 2016 season. This is a great mixture of getting a solid amount of hiking done whilst also being able to witness such cultural artefacts as ancient petroglyphs, seldom visited Atacamenian villages, and witness the sunset in Moon Valley!

On our brand new photography tour: Capture Atacama - Desert Photo Adventure, you will have the pleasure of a local Atacama expert to guide you, as well as a professional photographer. Combined, these two give you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful locations in the region.

Your Atacama Expert Guides

Our expert guide for your trip in the Atacama is called Camilo Silva, and he will be joined by photographer Rodrigo Moraga - together, they make a perfect team to make your desert adventure run as smoothly as possible. We asked local Atacama expert, Camilo, for his top tips on what to bring to the Atacama,and his answer was pretty simple. So make sure you don’t forget some good sunglasses, a solid pair of hiking boots and a head lamp. One of his favourite things to do in the Atacama is to wake up at sunrise, in the nature, and let the beauty of the desert aid your start to the day. Camilo’s favourite places on the photo tour are the Tara Salt flats and views of the Quepiaco River on the way to the mountains.


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Epic Atacama - Multi Sport Adventure

Atacama Trip Extensions

On our new Atacama Desert - Overnight Camp trip you will sit round the fire, before retiring to your Tipi and sleeping with just the thin walls of the tent between you and the stars. Alternatively, on another of our new extensions to your trip in the Atacama, you can dine under the very same stars, and be guided through them by an astrology expert. Alternatively, if you didn’t get enough of a work out on your other adventures here, you are now able to book a day mountain biking through a steep sided canyon on the Garganta del Diablo Bike Tour. Last but not least, an extra day trip to the famed Tara Salt Flats is also now available, an amazing place to soak in the views and take some photos.