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New: Epic Atacama - Multi Sport Adventure

We are excited to announce the release of our brand new Epic Atacama Multi Sport Adventure!

This is an active escape to the driest non-polar desert on the planet, where you will be able to hike, cycle and ride horses through this incredible, moonscape environment. Since the huge success of our Epic Patagonia Multi Sport Adventure, we have been working hard to ensure we can offer our guests the opportunity to be just as adventurous, in a totally contrasting environment. In order to optimise your experience (and the price!), our team helps to make sure your group is of the perfect amount of travelers. Trip depatures dates are every Sunday all year round possible and depending on the groups traveller size you receive up to 45% discount.

Horse riding in the Atacama

Our Product Manager Virginia Jensen and General Manager Jose Luis Varela visited the region in August, to research the best way to actively explore the Atacama whilst staying in comfort at a boutique lodge in San Pedro. Vicky, a veteran of many an Atacamenian adventure, is very pleased to be able to offer you the chance of visiting this special place; to hear nothing but the spinning of your wheels on the dusty desert roads; and to see the landscape from the unique viewpoint of a horse’s back. Hiking up from the Tatio Geysers just after sunrise is another of the highlights of this epic trip:

“People from around the world want to visit this mystical place, and we are proud to be able to allow them to experience it in an eco-friendly way, whilst getting full exposure to these remote landscapes! It is especially exciting to be able to add this to our existing Multi Sport tour in Patagonia.”

Chile is the perfect destination for active pursuits - it was recently awarded Best Adventure Travel Destination in the 2015 Adventure Travel Awards, as well as hosting the Adventure Travel World Summit in Puerto Varas. We are working to make sure we can offer inspiring active trips across the whole country. The itinerary of the Epic Atacama - Multi Sport tour has an exciting itinerary which makes the most of what this wonderful nation has to offer.Atacama Desert

After a day of rest and leisure in San Pedro de Atacama, the first day of activity is spent horseriding and hiking through the incredible valleys of Moon and Death. The day finishes with an astonishing sunset atop the “Duna Grande” (large dune). The highlight of day 3 is a gorgeous 30km downhill bike ride from Cuesta del Diablo (Devil’s Hill) back to San Pedro de Atacama, which comes after a morning of hiking through the Gatchi Gorge and swimming at the source of the Puritama river. Day 4 consists of 45km/27m of cycling followed by a dip in the pristine waters of Cejas Lagoon before driving onwards to the National Flamingo reserve! After observing these delicate creatures, we continue our ride into the Talabre Gorge, located at 3,500meters! Do not worry about the altitude and your heavy breaths, as once again it is a downhill ride to the Salar de Atacama (salt flats) where you will witness the sunset accompanied by more flamingoes.Geysers
Atacama Geyser [Check out all Epic Atacama trip photos on flickr]

The final day sees us awake before dawn and drive to the world’s highest geothermal field - the Tatio Geysers, at 4,300ma.s.l. Do not fear the early start, the sight of the geysers spurting at sunset will leave you wired! After breakfast we proceed to hike up to the summit of Zoquete Mountain to achieve another stunning view of the geysers, this time from above. To finish off our final evening in this magical place, there is a delicious farewell dinner at the lodge in San Pedro; a chance to reflect, rest your weary legs, and share stories before departing.

Atacama Geysers

On the final day of what will have been a truly epic journey, you will get the chance to wander the town of San Pedro de Atacama before transferring back to Calama Airport in the afternoon for the return flight to Santiago.

Stay tuned for another amazing trip to the Atacama Desert: our up and coming photography tour!

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