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Our Sales Team are a lovely bunch of globetrotting chicas who are clued up about all destinations we offer and waiting to talk to you via phone or email. If you would like to be part of our Travel Agent network, get in contact with us and start offering Chilean adventure travel products in your market! Get in contact now with your dedicated tour operator travel expert for your core market (Our prices are based on Chilean Pesos and the current USD/CLP exchange rate is published in our dedicated section for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies).


Get to know our Sales Team:

Maike Berkemeier Cascada team

Maike Berkemeier, Head of Sales
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5957 | LinkedIn

Maike worked at Cascada between 2005 and 2011 as the European Sales Manager and after a brief stint back in her native Germany she decided she just couldn’t bear to work anywhere else so back to Chile she flew and re-joined the Cascada team in 2013 as our head of sales! Her favourite place in Chile is
 Torres del Paine but she’s also happy staying a bit closer to Santiago and heading to the beach or the Andes Mountains for the weekend, when she’s not busy with herfriends at the theatre, doing yoga or making handicrafts. A member of the office cycling team, Maike is happy to be working at a company which represents what she believes in - nature, the good old outdoors and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Smiley, creative and dedicated Maike recommends that all visitors in Chile take the opportunity to get out into the mountains on Santiago’s doorstep, indulge in Chile’s best seafood in the form of ceviche and crab pudding and always travel with a good book & good travel companion.

Sales Team North America

Isabel Menendez Cascada team

Isabel Menendez, Key Account Manager USA 
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5954 | LinkedIn

Isabel has been heading the North American market since 2008, keeping the regional sales and her Gringo slang in tip-top shape. Hailing from Punta Arenas, she’s the sales team’s resident Patagonian and her affinity for the region makes her an ideal Torres del Paine advocate. Isabel likes the work environment at Cascada and identifies with the company ethos, believing in harmony between
people and nature. Cultural Isabel likes music, cinema and theatre and Chilean, Peruvian and Thai food (she must be in the know about Santiago’s fusion restaurants), and if she weren’t working at Cascada she’d be cycling or trekking through unknown destinations across the world with her camera and notebook. In this lifetime, however, she’s happy spending her weekends close to Santiago in Valparaiso or in the mountains, cycling downtown, or strolling through Santiago’s Lastarria neighbourhood. 
Daniela Gamboa Cascada team

Daniela Gamboa, Junior Key Account Manager Canada| LinkedIn
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5968

Daniela started work at Cascada in July 2011, confident she would be able to develop her skills in the company and get on well with her smiley coworkers. The Santiaguina is an avid dancer and is currently developing her ballroom dancing skills (someone send her a Strictly Come Dancing application form) when she’s not busy cooking or going out with friends. Her favourite place in Chile is
 Torres del Paine, where she fell in love with the landscapes in 2009. She also lovesthe Lake District, but yearns for hotter climates and dreams of visiting Egypt one day. Daniela likes zip-lining and wine (the best combination of activities of course!) and recommends Cascada’s Wine and Adventure day tour. She also recommends travellers visit the typical local hotspots while in Santiago and try good Chilean snack food like the classic empanada. Loyal and honest Daniela never travels without good walking shoes or a map and one day plans to travel the world getting to know new places and learning new languages.
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Keila Jiménez, Account Executive USA 
 | phone: +56 (2) 29235971
Free-spirited Keila found her working oasis in Cascada and since starting in September 2015, she's been thrilled to work with other wandering souls like her. Chile is chock-full of unique, soul-stirring locations to visit, she says, and itchy-footed Keila is always keen to head out roadtripping, 
with her "home" (tent!) in tow. She recommends visitors to Chile head to Cochamó, a corner which holds a special place in her heart, however, she's quick to mention San Pedro de Atacama, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos, and more. If Keila wasn't working at Cascada, she'd be found at the mountains, beach, forest - or dreaming of her possible past life in the Pacific Islands, a place she's always felt an oddly strong connection to. Next up for her? A dream trip to Bali, Australia, or Tahiti. The only difficulty is deciding where...!
Maria Jose

Maria Jose, Account Executive USA & Canada
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5967

Maria Jose is a new and very welcome addition to the team. Joining us from the world of small business administration, Maria Jose chose Cascada because she'd always wanted to work in tourism. The company’s eco-friendly ethos and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world sealed the deal for her.
Maria Jose is a Santiago native and recommends that travelers with only one day in Chile’s capital can’t miss the El Colorado Horse Ride Day Trip. Got more time? Maria Jose encourages you to expand your trip and visit her other favorite places in Chile: El Embalse del Yeso (in fact, all of El Cajón de Maipo) and Easter Island (which, in her opinion, is the best place on Earth!). Adventurous Maria Jose gets her adrenalin levels soaring riding her motorbike, horse riding, rafting, go-karting, and canopying. Her wish for your Chilean holiday? To finish with an SD card full of pictures and videos of gorgeous locations, stomach full of pastel de choclo, and heart full of memories spent in this special country.

Sales Team Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia & Oceania

Carolina Palma

Carolina Palma, Key Account Manager Oceania, Africa & Asia
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5959

A Santiago city girl by birth but a nature lover by choice, Carolina (‘Carola’ to her colleagues) loves the geographic diversity of her country. She studied tourism, joined Cascada in 2007, and has been enjoying the work atmosphere and staff trips ever since. She’s a big supporter of sustainable tourism, and if she weren’t at Cascada she'd be working at UNESCO. Certain that Chile is her favourite
place in the world, but unable to choose between Valle Colchagua, the Lakes District and Torres del Paine, Carolina is happy anywhere she can horseback ride through nature trails and photograph or write in the midst of beautiful surroundings. She thinks all visitors ought to visit world heritage site Valparaiso, and try typical chilean foods like ‘humitas’ and ‘pastel de choclo’.
Conzuelo Zamorano

Conzuelo Zamorano, Key Account Manager Europe & Latin America
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5962

Rock climbing, yoga-mad Conzuelo (or Conzu to her friends!) is a Punta Arenas native back in Chile after five years living in France and China. Working at Cascada proved to be a natural choice for Conzu as she shares the same environmental values and love of the outdoors as her colleagues. For her, happiness is simple: a yoga mat, rock climbing shoes, good read and a little something
vegan-alicious to munch on. (She well understands how difficult meat-loving Chile can be for vegans, but says that you can’t go wrong with porotos granados or pebre!). Conzu recommends that Santiago wanderers explore the city center, Bellavista and Mercado Central, as the city's real culture is hiding out in those nooks and crannies. If she wasn’t working at Cascada, Conzuelo would be globetrotting, learning new languages, sharing her love of yoga with curious rookies and climbing to new heights in as yet unseen destinations.

Anna Vags, Account Executive Europe & Latin America
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5964

Anna joined us seven months ago from way across the ocean - from Hamburg, to be precise. In tourism, she found a way to be in contact with people from different cultures and countries, and in Chile, a place where you can see sand and snow - even on the same day! 
While she can't quite pick a favorite Chilean dish, Anna loves our country's wine - as well as watching movies, reading, and biking up San Cristóbal to see the sunset. A self-described "good girl", Anna, if Chile hadn't called her, would be working on a Masters in Germany. However, now that she's here, the good vibe in the office, thousands of miles of coastline and mountains to explore, and the promise of a tasty Pisco Sour keep her happy!