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Meet our Operations Team

Our operations Team manage our business relations with hotels and top notch tourism service suppliers in Chile and Argentina. They make sure we have the best suppliers for your trip and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the duration of your trip with us!

Veronica Venegas

Verónica Venegas, Head of Operations
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5955

Verónica joined Cascada in 2003 after studying Tourism, knowing she’d be at home in a company specialising in environmental sustainability, new experiences and friendly office ambience. A lover of new places and cultures, Verónica enjoys trekking in her country’s exhilarating extremities, in Torres del Paine and San Pedro de Atacama. She loves cycling, horseriding, and
meandering along countryside trails and escaping from Santiago to the mountains to go trekking in El Morado. If she weren’t working at Cascada she’d probably be developing a tourism project in the countryside, soaking up her natural surroundings and trying her best at new-found skill nature photography (all high-quality camera donations accepted), and preparing Chilean and Peruvian food for her nearest and dearest.
Paulina Delgado

Paulina Delgado, Reservations and Traffic
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5951

Paulina is a big nature-lover and has been working at Cascada since 1998. She is in charge of the Traffic department, purchasing third party services and maintaining client files. Lucky enough to live in Cajon del Maipo, Paulina is surrounded by Chile's Andes mountains and beautiful natural scenery on her doorstep (which just about makes up for the commute into Santiago!).
She loves the south of Chile and her favourite region is the Lake District, with its snow-capped volcanoes and vast lakes.
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Nicolás Araya, Customer Service Manager
 | phone: +56 (2) 29235976

Born and raised in Santiago, Nicolas, (or ‘Nico’, as he is known by his friends and colleagues) is a lover of the great Chilean outdoors and joined the Cascada team in 2013 for the opportunity to be in such close contact with Torres del Paine, which he refers to as 'one of the most beautiful places on earth'. Having worked as a canyoning tour guide in the Chilean Lake District, as a guide in
Torres del Paine National Park and as a flight attendant for one of Antarctica's leading airlines, Nico has explored the lengths of his native Chile. He is also a keen sportsman and wildlife enthusiast who enjoys jogging or trips to the mountains in his spare time and whose dream would be to travel to Africa on a safari adventure. That, or a trip to Japan (there are no limits as far as this adventurous traveller is concerned!)
Cecilia Andrade

Cecilia Andrade, Reservations Executive
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5973

A true nature lover, Cecila lives in Cajon del Maipo and braves the commute to Santiago each day. She’s been at Cascada since 2001 and likes the company’s respect for nature and the opportunity to share travel experiences with the diverse staff. A fan of all her country’s destination highlights, from Torres del Paine to San Pedro de Atacama to Easter Island, Cecilia is also happy walking close to home
and pottering around the garden looking after her plants. Responsible, friendly, caring Cecilia recommends the best of Chilean food - humitas, pastel de choclo and empanadas - and getting out of Santiago into the mountains to go horse-riding in El Colorado.
Marcela Armijo, Reservations Executive

Marcela Armijo, Reservations Executive
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5972

Another commuter, Marcela lives in the beautiful Cajon del Maipo where she likes to go walking at weekends. She started work at Cascada in 2004 and has been continually impressed by the company’s standards, inter-office relations and management’s concern for staff. She enjoys the team work in the Traffic department and the ‘buena onda’ (good vibes) between all departments.
Marcela’s favourite places in Chile are Torres del Paine and Easter Island, and if she had the chance she’d love to visit Machu piccu and Mexico. When she’s not walking through the magical landscapes of El Morado, Marcela can be found making mosaic crafts, eating Pastel de Choclo, taking photos and living by the motto of being conscious that everything you do in life leaves footprints.
Camila Milla Cascada Team
Camila Milla, Reservations Executive
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5973
Santiaguina Camila started work at Cascada in August 2012, deciding she wanted to trade in the hotel industry for a dynamic tour operator with a relaxed style. She’s very fond of her capital city and its little enclaves where she can disconnect from the routine, like in the parks where she walks her dogs (or occasionally runs) or relaxes with music and a book. She also loves Valparaíso with its
architecture,culture and bohemian style. Camila never travels without her camera and good sunblock and would like to travel across South America one day. Her favourite foods are pastel de choclo, humitas and porotos granados and she recommends all travellers in Santiago try these foods and the vast array of fish and shellfish that Santiago’s central market has to offer.