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Meet our Business Development and Administration Team

Max Pulido Cascada team

Max Pulido, Administration and Finance Manager
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5985 | LinkedIn

Having spent a good chunk of time living in Torres del Paine next to EcoCamp, Max returned to his native Santiago to join the Cascada team and bring his park expertise to the office. His favourite season in Torres del Paine is October, the start of spring, and April when the trees sprout beautiful colours. Although his heart lies with the Patagonian scenery, in particular French Valley, he also enjoys Caribbean beaches and California. Seeing friends and doing outdoor sports
(he’s one of the hard-core office cyclists) are high priorities he also loves to surf and ski. His favourite foods are ‘humitas’ and he recommends travellers in Santiago check out typical Chilean restaurants like Bar Liguria. Max always travels with a smile and his surf suit because, even in Patagonia, you never know.
Virginia jensen Cascada team

Virginia Jensen, Travel Product Manager
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5964

Virginia, better known as Vicky to her colleagues, grew up in a different Santiago - in Argentina! In addition to being the token Argentinian in the office, Virginia is also the resident chef (sadly she can’t send international deliveries, sorry folks). A fan of traveling, culture, and nature, she likes the style of Cascada and the learning curve on every trip. She especially likes the Chilean Lake District 4 day Adventure in and around
Puerto Varas, her favourite place in Chile. Virginia has trekked everywhere from Chile and Argentina to France, Spain and Scandanavia, always clad in comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. When in one place she enjoys playing tennis, reading, cooking, drinking ‘mate’ tea and eating ‘dulce de leche’ like all good Argentinians.
Elizabeth Veliz Cascada team

Elizabeth Veliz, Directors' Secretary
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5950

Elizabeth, known better as Eli, joined Cascada in 2008 after finishing her Environmental Education studies. She had been looking for a personable company with good office vibes and was happy to instantly establish a good relationship with her bosses (even if they have come to depend on her rather a lot...) She’s proud of Chile’s diverse landscapes and is a big fan of the south of Chile and its mountains. Ely’s happy trekking in Patagonia, sleeping in
Puerto Varas, or eating curanto in Chiloé. In short, a happy bunny while she’s traveling in the south. She recommends putting on sunglasses and heading to the mountains close to Santiago to go trekking in El Morado or do a Full Day El Colorado Horse Ride.
Patricio Andrade Cascada team

Patricio Andrade, IT support
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5969

'Pato' is the life and soul of the Cascada office! As one of the oldest serving staff members he has the lowdown on all Cascada activities, staff activities and, very conveniently, how to fix your PC. He started off as a chauffer then a guide then a system analyst and then combined them all - He's very grateful for the flexibility! A big team player, he helped construct EcoCamp Patagonia in 1999/2000 and now enjoys an outdoors lifestyle in Cajon del Maipo in the
mountains close to Santiago with his family. He recommends all visitors head out there for a day's white water rafting on the Maipo river.
Osvaldo Sanchez Cascada team

Osvaldo Sanchez, Head of Accounting
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5960

Osvaldo is another old timer at Cascada, he's been around keeping company finances in tip top shape since the 1990's. His favourite place in the world is his neighbourhood San Bernardo because, in the words of Osvaldo, he has 'everything he needs there'.

Francisco Escobar Cascada team

Francisco Escobar, Accounting
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5970

Francisco is part of the 'familia Cascada' and lives in Cajon del Maipo, enjoying the peacefulness of the Andes Mountains. He loves the south of Chile, particularly the Lake District.

Miguel Pardo Cascada team

Miguel Pardo, Accounting
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5970

Miguel hails from Quinta Normal, Santiago and has been an integral member of the Cascada team since 2012, thriving amidst the office’s fun and friendly working atmosphere. Despite never having worked in the tourist industry before, he has not looked back once, and why would he with a job that allows him to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of his native country day in day out? His top tip for anyone visiting Chile is a trip to the stunning Cajón del Maipo,
whilst his all-time favourite place in the world has to be the south of Chile, with its glittering glaciers, lakes and fjords. If he isn’t busy at work, you’ll be sure to find Miguel passionately cheering his team on at the football stadium. Reliable and persevering, he is a man you can always count on, and he is thrilled to be a part of the warm and welcoming Cascada family.