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Jose Luis Varela - General Manager

José Luis Varela, General Manager
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5958 | LinkedIn

As a mountain and Patagonia lover, Jose's interest in the tourism business (in particular the foreign market) was piqued during his five and a half years at Valle Nevado, Chile's leading Ski Resort. As General Manager, he's buoyed by the challenge of making Cascada Expedicones Chile's adventure travel leader. [+]
Maike Berkemeier Cascada team

Maike Berkemeier, Head of Sales
mail: | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5957 | LinkedIn

Maike worked at Cascada between 2005 and 2011 as the European Sales Manager and after a brief stint back in her native Germany she decided she just couldn’t bear to work anywhere else so back to Chile she flew and re-joined the Cascada team in 2013 as our head of sales! Her favourite place in Chile is
 Torres del Paine but she’s also happy staying a bit closer to Santiago and heading to the beach or the Andes Mountains for the weekend, when she’s not busy with herfriends at the theatre, doing yoga or making handicrafts. A member of the office cycling team, Maike is happy to be working at a company which represents what she believes in - nature, the good old outdoors and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Smiley, creative and dedicated Maike recommends that all visitors in Chile take the opportunity to get out into the mountains on Santiago’s doorstep, indulge in Chile’s best seafood in the form of ceviche and crab pudding and always travel with a good book & good travel companion.
Veronica Venegas

Verónica Venegas, Head of Operations
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5955

Verónica joined Cascada in 2003 after studying Tourism, knowing she’d be at home in a company specialising in environmental sustainability, new experiences and friendly office ambience. A lover of new places and cultures, Verónica enjoys trekking in her country’s exhilarating extremities, in Torres del Paine and San Pedro de Atacama. She loves cycling, horseriding, and
meandering along countryside trails and escaping from Santiago to the mountains to go trekking in El Morado. If she weren’t working at Cascada she’d probably be developing a tourism project in the countryside, soaking up her natural surroundings and trying her best at new-found skill nature photography (all high-quality camera donations accepted), and preparing Chilean and Peruvian food for her nearest and dearest.
Max Pulido Cascada team

Max Pulido, Business Development Manager
 | phone: +56 (2) 2923-5985 | LinkedIn

Having spent a good chunk of time living in Torres del Paine next to EcoCamp, Max returned to his native Santiago to join the Cascada team and bring his park expertise to the office. His favourite season in Torres del Paine is October, the start of spring, and April when the trees sprout beautiful colours. Although his heart lies with the Patagonian scenery, in particular French Valley, he also enjoys Caribbean beaches and California. Seeing friends and doing outdoor sports
(he’s one of the hard-core office cyclists) are high priorities he also loves to surf and ski. His favourite foods are ‘humitas’ and he recommends travellers in Santiago check out typical Chilean restaurants like Bar Liguria. Max always travels with a smile and his surf suit because, even in Patagonia, you never know.