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April 6, 2016 - 21:16
While some people like their winters with a side of woollen socks and cough medicine, others get adventuring. And where there are winter adventures, there’s Chile! From skiing in the Andes to select wine tastings in the Central Valley and trekking in Torres del Paine, we’ve got a program for you.
March 31, 2016 - 10:17
With friends, at a barbeque, in front of a fire, when celebrating, for romance, with great food, to toast an achievement, savor a moment, or simply because your day’s work has ended - whatever the reason, wine is a welcome addition to so many of life’s moments! In Chile, we know this all too well. After centuries of production, Chile’s wines have recently experienced a boom in popularity and the country is now a major player as a grape and wine producer and exporter.  
March 25, 2016 - 09:12
"It’s’s really tremendous."(Valerie) "The lakes are the bluest blue I’ve ever seen on this planet."(Timothy)
March 13, 2016 - 10:10
Chile is a vibrant and culturally varied country where there’s always something going on. Whether you’re looking for something cultural, musical, sporting or religious, a one-off experience or an annual treat, you can guarantee there’ll be something for you. Check out our month-by-month guide to the best events in Chile for 2016!
March 10, 2016 - 16:08
On March 10th 2016, the huge ice arch at Perito Moreno Glacier, in Los Glaciares National Park, collapsed - a spectacular phenomenon that only happens every 4 to 5 years. Approximately 4000 people were there to witness the event.
March 10, 2016 - 12:30
While travelers sometimes disregard Low and Shoulder Season, these months offer numerous benefits such as cheaper flights, the National Park’s changing color palette, the pleasure of less crowded trails - and offers on Torres del Paine tours.
March 10, 2016 - 12:09
During March and April 2016, we’re stoked to invite our Wildlife Safari participants to meet Patagonia’s beautiful baguales, or wild horses.
March 7, 2016 - 16:38
Chile is a country whose shape makes a road trip quite ridiculously simple. Long and thin, the Andes a constant companion to the east and the calming knowledge that the west coast is never far away, it is difficult to lose your bearings. Pretty basic - head south and the mountains are on your left… head north and they are on your right.
February 18, 2016 - 15:09
If you are fortunate enough to have a few spare days either side of your stopover in Santiago, then I cannot recommend a visit to Cajon del Maipo strongly enough. Honestly, get yourself over there - only an hour and a half bus or car journey from Santiago.
February 2, 2016 - 15:53
On a rare cloudy Friday afternoon in Santiago, Vicky and I went on an E-bike tour of Santiago, taking in the sites with minimal effort - but still getting the rewarding feeling of powering your own adventure (sort of).