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Zaria Forman

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There are many ways to raise awareness about climate change and its effects on the planet. Visual artist Zaria Forman’s way is through her drawings.

Using pastels to draw her incredibly detailed and life-like images, Forman shows the effects of climate change, especially through her focus on waves and icebergs.

Inspired by her travels to some of the most remote and isolated places on Earth, Forman’s work has been portrayed all over the world, including at Banky’s Dismaland, the Winston Wächter Fine Art Gallery in New York City, and onboard the National Geographic Explorer during a four week art residency in Antarctica. She’s also delivered a TEDTalk, had her work featured in National Geographic, the Huffington Post, and Smithsonian Magazine, among others, and her work can be seen as set design in the Netflix series House of Cards.

Forman’s dedication to exposing the public to climate change via art is what led her to EcoCamp, where she is honored to be an ambassador and help EcoCamp promote sustainability and the importance of taking care of the Earth.