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Ramón Navarro

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Ramón Navarro is a big-waves surfer well-known in Chile for his performance, big heart, and love for nature. His passion for surfing started when he was 12 years old when he used to watch surfers playing in the giant waves of the Chilean coast. His parents used to keep telling him the importance of studying, as they couldn’t believe he would make a living surfing. However his life suddenly changed when he received the support of sponsors.

Ramón won his reputation in the world of surfing when he started playing with “La Bestia” (‘The Beast’), a wave in Iquique (Northern Chile) known for its great size (up to 7 meters).

Big waves are not discovered every day – the fact Ramón discovered two great waves in Chile in 2011 was extraordinary. That same year, Ramón also won first place in the Quicksilver Ceremonial Big Wave Competition. However, his most memorable year by far may be 2012 when Ramón decided to surf on an unrepeatable wave in Fiji – a contest approved by the Volcom of Couldbreak jury. That day, Ramón became a legend as he surfed on one of the biggest waves of the day.

Ramón is proudly supporting EcoCamp Patagonia, sharing a common passion for the outdoors and the protection of the environment in Chile’s most iconic national park.