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“We are forests, voices, humans, and especially animals. We get together because the music is strong, and it’s the energy to travel. That we are also, just like you: travelers.”

This is how the Chilean band, Boraj, describes themselves. Formed in 2014 by Felipe Markmann, Nico Rosenberg, Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, Isabel Gonzalez Aros, and Amit Knust, this eclectic musical group blends folk, post-rock, and electronic music together to create their own unique sound, a sound that pays homage to the energy of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Also famous for the exuberant nature and lighting of their stage shows, Boraj has performed all over the world, including a tour of Canada in 2016 and a stint at the renowned SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, where they were acknowledged by Billboard Magazine as one of the best Latin American musical acts of the festival.

Boraj is honored to be an ambassador for EcoCamp, as EcoCamp’s dedication to and connection with nature resonates with the band’s sounds and message. Boraj has also allowed their music to be featured in several EcoCamp videos.