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Ben Goertzen

Born and raised in Bozeman Montana, Ben’s respect and pull to the wild world is deeply rooted. He started out in the action sports industry as a professional skier which fueled his passion for documenting adventure and led to an early career in the wildlife filmmaking industry. His drive to capture natural behavior while using the latest camera technology in demanding conditions can be observed throughout his work. Along with filmmaking and skiing, Ben has recently co-founded the, Montana Grizzly Project, a non profit focused on increasing tolerance of grizzly bears on Montana’s landscape. By combining his films, advocacy work and personal experiences, Ben is changing the way people understand and interact with the wild world to ultimately help humans realize how interconnected our world really is.

We were proud to have Ben and a team of Visionhawk Films staying at EcoCamp in the Winter months of 2018 to shoot what will be the best documentary about Pumas ever produced.

Ben’s clients include BBC Natural History UNIT, IMAX, Pacific Wild, Smithsonian Channel and Wildlife Films."