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Penelope Hazzard, USA (7 day Torres del Paine Trek + 7 day Fitz Roy Trek + 4 days Ushuaia)


"...When booking folks into Punta Arenas, recommend or arrange Magdelina Island tour, it was great with thousands and thousands of penguins that we were very close to........
The ecocamp could not have been nicer and first class. I´ve been recommending it to everyone I see. I was fortunate to be one of the slowest hikers and thus was given Lorenzo Andrade-A as a guide. He is truly a gentle, caring person in addition to being a superb outdoorsman - and patient for someone so young. Roberto, the other guide was also fabulous and very professional. The camp manager Christian was helpful when I got a cold and bronchitis and they even put lemon water in my dome for me. Barbara the cook was also extra helpful but really everyone there was into giving first class visitor service. Living in Hawaii I know the difference between people who are just doing a job and those who enjoy what they are doing. Ecocamp is one where people enjoy working. El Chalten hikes were good and guides satisfactory. We were spoiled at Ecocamp....... Recommend both optional boat rides as my group took both and loved them. I also liked the full-day boat ride to 3 glaciers.
Ushuaia was beautiful, surprisingly so, and the tour company was very well-organized....
Thanks very much for all the arrangements. I love Chile and will be back, I guess I have to travel in the north next time, and the Lakes district more. I just got to Port Varas this time. I recommend Cascada without reservation.

Travellers Departure: 
Jan 21, 2008
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