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Jo Boatright, USA (5 day Torres del Paine short W Trek + 7 day Fitzroy Trek)


This trip was one of the best experiences I've ever had! Keith and I loved the treks, especially the Torres del Paine part (and that may have been partially due to the weather over which no one has any control). I was completely "blown away", as we say, by the Eco-Camp. I have a lot of information on it and I'm hoping to at least inform our Forest Services and other outdoor groups on what you are doing. As we say in the music world--BRAVO!

We really enjoyed Eduardo and Lorenzo. They are terrific and, actually, more informed than other similar guides I've had in the past. I was, of course, at the tail end of the trekking group most, not all, of the time. The way it was guided didn't make me feel "inferior"--only made me realize how much older I was than the rest of the group. I liked the mixed ages and mixed nationalities that we were with on the Chilean side.

The Fitzroy was also very good but not as much fun as the Torres del Paine and that was, as I said earlier, mostly due to the weather. Keith and I actually didn't do the second day as it was as rainy, windy and unpleasant as the day before and I couldn't face it on "vacation". Instead we enjoyed getting to know El Chalten. Our guide, Diego, was very pleasant and everything you advertised but, I don't, quite frankly, think he is as informed or enthusiastic as Eduardo. The third day's trek was more fun as the weather was superb and we enjoyed that day a lot with Diego. Monica was a great guide for the Perito Moreno glacier, which was unbelievably spectacular. All of the drivers were experienced with outgoing personalities.

All in all the whole trip was super well organized with everyone prompt and ready to help us--even anticipating our need of help!

I will highly recommend this experience with your company at every opportunity. I'll be sending Eduardo and you some information on the Colorado Mountain Club as they have numerous world-wide treks that are set up by individuals active in the club. If possible I'll send email addresses of other hiking organizations in the USA.

Again, thanks for all you did Cecilia to make this a memorable, once in a lifetime experience for us.


Jo Boatright

Travellers Departure: 
Jan 02, 2008
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