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Adam P, CANADA (9 Day Torres del Paine Circuit)

I had signed up for the full Torres Del Paine circuit with UK based KE Adventures and our 1st night and last 2 nights were spent at the Ecocamp. When you are embarking on a rigorous hike, you want to get off to a good start and from a psychological perspective, this was the best possible place to start from. Although it is in the middle of nowhere, it was a real luxury experience. The camp consists of multiple domes – small ones for sleeping accommodation, a large one for shared toilets and showers (if sleeping in a standard dome), and two to three large interconnected ones for dining, drinking and general recreation. I was in a standard dome and was fine with the shared facilities. It does get super-hot during the day so you might need to prop the door open until the sun goes down. The bed was extremely comfortable and I slept like a log. Dinner had to be ordered in advance and consisted of three courses. The food was absolutely phenomenal and on our package, the wine was included. I would stick to cabernet sauvignon and carménère mind. The Chileans have Malbec but the Argentinians do it best. For box lunches, they put out a variety of breads, cheeses, cold cuts and dressings, and you make your own. The recreational area is full of very comfortable sofas that you just sink into, particularly after imbibing, and the atmosphere is conducive to sing songs. The staff are incredibly friendly. Adrianne did a great job looking after people at meal times and her husband Christian graciously let members of our group use the spare computer in the Admin dome when not in use by the staff. This was an absolutely terrific place to stay.

Travellers Departure: 
Dec 08, 2015
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