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Yoga Dome comes to EcoCamp!

We’ve always felt that yoga combines well with beautiful natural settings and that EcoCamp, with its location right in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, is a wonderful place to practice yoga. Where better to do the sun salutation than overlooking the majestic granite peaks, immersed in greenery and fresh Patagonian air?
EcoCamp is therefore very happy to announce the construction of its new eco yoga dome! Like all of EcoCamp’s domes, the yoga dome uses minimal excavation and is built on a raised wooden platform so as not to disturb the underlying vegetation. Its shape ensures minimal external surface area and minimum temperature exchange through walls, while skylight windows ensure natural heat and lighting is utilised. As with all of EcoCamp’s domes it blends into the surrounding environment with its lovely green exterior! 
EcoCamp guests will soon be able to enjoy stretching sessions to help loosen muscles before hikes and then afternoon yoga classes post-hike. We’ve also got a few surprises planned so stay tuned for the latest developments! In the meantime keep practicing your yoga poses and dreaming about meditating in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park. Námaste.
Yoga Torres del Paine
Yoga - Torres del Paine Base View