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Wildlife Guide

Here you'll find articles on everything to do with Chile's and Argentina's wild side. From the big 5 animals to spot in Patagonia to easy recognition guides for birds, fish, sea-life, animals, plants and trees. Any ideas you'd like to see written about please send an email to If you're keen to get kaleidoscope updates subscribe to our Feed Feed or via Email.

Rare Puma Spotted on Patagonia Wildlife Safari!

On Sunday 2nd December, guests on EcoCamp’s Patagonia Wildlife Safari were treated to a rare sighting of Patagonia’s elusive predator, the majestic puma!

Luckily for us, everyone had their cameras at the ready to capture this special moment, including this incredible photo and others taken by Wildlife Safari guest Scott H. McGurrin, which are causing quite a stir on EcoCamp's Facebook page.

We’ve got all of the details of how it happened in our exclusive interview with expert EcoCamp Patagonia guides Rafael Poblete and Claudio Bravo.

Animal Tracker’s Guide to Trekking in Patagonia

Have you ever wondered about guanaco guano, pudu doodoo, puma prints or huemul hooves? If not, then you could be missing out!

While you’re likely to see plenty of wildlife in Patagonia whether you want to or not, some creatures are more elusive than others. To be in with a chance of crossing paths with these animals you’ll have to stay alert while you hike and learn to read the signs they leave behind, to piece together an exciting insight into their behaviour or spot an animal you might otherwise have missed.

This guide highlights some common signs to look out for on your way, so you can track while you trek!

River and Sea Life of Patagonia: A Brief Introduction

Off the coast of Patagonia, at the southern extremity of the Latin American continent, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. The land itself, meanwhile, is criss-crossed by rivers, fjords and melting glaciers and punctuated by lakes and estuaries. It will therefore come as no surprise to most to learn that Patagonia has an extraordinary wealth of river and sea life, and you could easily spend as much time looking down into pools and waterways as up into the legendary mountains. To get closer still, a boat trip along the Strait of Magellan or through the fjords, or a fly fishing holiday will put you at the heart of the action. Here’s a rundown of some of the main players in the waters of Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia:

Waterbirds and Waders of Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park easily tops the list of attractions for nature-lovers in Chilean Patagonia, and probably the whole of Chile. The other-worldly scenery of mountains, glaciers and forests is not only an incredibly beautiful natural spectacle, it also creates a variety of unique habitats for all manner of animals and birds. With raging rivers, boggy wetlands, marshes, ponds, lakes and lagoons, there are any number of ideal locations for waterbirds in particular. Fortunately, most of the waterbirds of Torres del Paine are plentiful and very distinctive so you won't need much help identifying them. But for those who want to know more about the magnificent birds they spot, we’ve put together a list of ten birds you can expect to see, along with some simple facts to help you squeeze the very most out of your vacation in Torres del Paine National Park.

Bird Watching for Beginners in Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is a rugged landscape of rocky mountains, open grasslands and forests crisscrossed by fjords and rivers. As a result, the region benefits from a huge variety of birdlife, including 118 separate species. Many people choose to enjoy birdwatching as a sideline to the W Trek or Paine Circuit, or on increasingly popular wildlife safaris and with a few extra details even those with no twitching knowledge can get even more out of their Patagonia experience. This beginners guide to ten of the most exciting birds explains what you can expect to see, when and where you can see it and how to recognise it when you do.