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W trek Movie Making Kicks off!

Monday April 23rd has arrived and the final 7 day W trek of the EcoCamp Patagonia 2011/2012 season is departing with a twist! A month ago we brought you news of EcoCamp’s movie-making W special and today the action finally kicks off! American kayak and filmmaking pro Tino Specht has landed in Patagonia and is making his way to the park with two members of the Cascada Expediciones team...
Tino’s work typically focuses on kayak adventure so it’s new territory for him and we’re excited to see what land-based action shooting he’s capable of! The 7 day EcoCamp Patagonia W Trek covers the park’s highlights - French Valley, the Towers and Grey glacier, and is action-packed whatever the time of year. But will the weather hold? It’s always about luck in Patagonia...fingers crossed for clear skies when the group make it up to the Towers base!
Today, as the group of EcoCamp trekkers head out into the wilderness they’ll be seeing lots of beautiful Autumn wildlife lining the park and hopefully catching glimpses of some of the park’s rarer fauna which keeps well away from sight during the peak summer season. Will the team be lucky enough to capture a puma on camera? Hopefully at a close enough distance to be clearly seen yet a far enough distance not to invoke panic!
Any particular scenes you couldn’t bear to see left out of the movie? Any places you think need to be shot in a special way? Final call for audience input! Send us a tweet or facebook with your requests!