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Torres del Paine W Trek - Free In Style Upgrade!

EcoCamp Patagonia’s W Trek in style is here! Those booking in spring 2014 to stay at EcoCamp will receive a complimentary upgrade at EcoCamp. For the first time, W trekkers will enjoy the comfort of staying in EcoCamp's Suite Domes. Coupons are limited to the following departures only, so book fast*:

Special W Trek Spring 2014 Departures      

W Trek
+ get a free upgrade:
EcoCamp Suite Dome!
Departure Date Availability
Patagonia Torres del Paine 7 Day W Trek
29 Sep 2014 - sold out -
Patagonia Torres del Paine 5 Day Short-W Trek 5  Oct 2014 - sold out -
19 Oct 2014 - sold out -

Find your travel companions or get advice from our W Trek Expert: Ignacia Jimenez - Trekking Travel Specialist 


EcoCamp Patagonia W Trek still works on a sharing basis, even in your Suite Dome with your own private bathroom and heating. No reservations are possible, get in contact with us and make your full payment today, to take advantage of this unique promotion!

*W Trek In style Promotion is valid until 2 weeks before your departure date (latest booking: 5 Oct 2014)!