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Top 15 Resources for your Patagonia Tour

Booking a vacation in Patagonia shouldn’t be stressful. After all, the whole point of your trip is to relax and enjoy! So to make things as easy as can be, we’ve brought together the top 15 articles on Patagonia tours, to help you to choose which Patagonia tour is for you and to give you practical advice for how to prepare once you’ve booked your trip. Whatever you’re wondering about tours in Patagonia, we’ve got it covered!


1. Top 10 Things to Do in Patagonia

top tenLet’s start at the beginning! If you’re just starting to think about your Patagonia tour it can be tough to know where to begin. Should you choose a tour in Chilean Patagonia or is Argentinean Patagonia the destination for you. For that matter, would you know where to start if you wanted to visit them both? Here you’ll find our ultimate list of the Top 10 Things to Do in the whole of Patagonia to help you start planning what kind of Patagonia tour is for you!

2. Top 5 Patagonia Myths - Busted!

question markMaybe you’ve already got some ideas about what your Patagonia tour will be like, but you might be surprised to find that some of the most commonly known “facts” about Patagonia aren’t actually true at all. We’ve combined the most frequent misconceptions about Patagonia and revealed the truth behind the myths. Make the most of our insider knowledge when you book your Patagonia tour.

3. Patagonia Ecotourism: How to Dodge the Pretenders

solar panels at ecocamp patagoniaIf you’re thinking of choosing an eco-friendly hotel or tourism provider for your Patagonia tour, you need to click on the link to read about the shady practice of ‘greenwashing’. That’s when companies call themselves eco-friendly to attract well-intentioned visitors, but don’t follow through with environmentally sound practices. Yeah, this really happens! Our guide helps you spot the fakers from the real deal.

4. 15 Tricks for Lighter Travel to Patagonia

featherPacking light for your Patagonia tour is better for the environment but it’ll also make your life easier when you fly and when you’re travelling around Patagonia, especially if you’re planning to head off hiking in the Patagonian wilderness. Here’s our list of practical tips to help you bring less on your Patagonia tour and how to reduce the bulk of everything you do bring.

5. Top 8 Eco Travel Gadgets for Patagonia

solar phone chargerWe love a good travel gadget here at Cascada Expediciones and when you make that an eco-friendly travel gadget we just can’t contain our excitement! Somehow, we’ve managed to narrow it down and choose our favourite 8 eco travel gadgets from the extraordinary water-powered alarm clock (surely it’s witchcraft!?) to the why-didn’t-we-think-of-that reusable water bottle.

6. Patagonia Travel: Meet the Mountains

cerro torreMountains, mountains and more mountains, Patagonia is just full of the things! But in case you’re worried you’ll get tired of looking at yet another peak, let us introduce you to the very different personalities of Patagonia’s ridges. Find out where you’ll need to go to see the rocky poster child of the Patagonia clothing company, which mountains have a split personality and which stands with one foot in Chile and the other in Argentina.

7. Kids' Patagonia Scavenger Hunt

kids in patagoniaTaking your kids on a Patagonia Tour might seem a little daunting but there are plenty of things that even the youngest members of your family can enjoy at the end of the Earth. That’s why we’ve put together our Kids’ Patagonia Scavenger Hunt to open their eyes to this new adventure and get their imagination firing on all cylinders. Encourage your kids to draw, match and sticker their way around your Patagonia tour.

8. Top Tips for Vegetarian Travellers in Patagonia

smoked pepperWelcome to meat country! Everybody knows that Argentina and Chile are famed for their abundant steaks and that Patagonia’s signature dish is roast lamb! It’s not easy sticking to a meat-free diet on your Patagonia tour, so here’s our guide to ensuring you stay veggie, healthy and full-up everywhere from the plane journey to the hotel and even out on the hiking trails. Who knew vegetarian jerky was a thing?

9. 10 Essentials for Hiking in Patagonia

multitool knifeMulti-day hiking tours in Patagonia are a popular choice since they take you to see some spectacular sights that you can’t reach from the roads. So if you’re planning a hike in Patagonia and you had to boil down your kit list to just the 10 most essential items, what would you choose? Find out why towels and sunblock made our list but maps and compasses didn’t!

10. Animal Tracker’s Guide to Trekking in Patagonia

puma footprintPatagonia’s remote and wild corners are what draw many people down here in the first place. It’s the last refuge for a whole host of quirky wildlife. From the fairly commonplace and docile guanaco to the tiny and timid pudu deer, even a short hike in the wilds can bring you into contact with Patagonia’s animal residents. But what can you do to maximise your chances of seeing Patagonian animals in the wild? We’ve got some pointers for you!

11. Hiking in Patagonia: 50 Common Blunders

50We’ve got plenty of experience of hiking tours in Patagonia and that means that if there’s a mistake to be made, we’ve probably made it or seen it first-hand at some point along the way. Even if this is your first Patagonia tour, we want to spare you the pain of learning the hard way what not to do when you take a hiking tour in Patagonia. Here are the 50 most common blunders to avoid!

12. Your Patagonia Adventure: 20 Top Travel Insurance Tips

umbrellaYawn! Would you rather spend your time planning which of Patagonia’s famous landmarks and national parks to visit or trawling through the smallprint of travel insurance policies? Unfortunately insurance is a necessary evil, especially when you’re heading to an adventure sports' hub like Patagonia. Still, we’ve taken the sting out of the tail with our 20 top tips!

13. How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Patagonia Trek

bootsThe right boots = happy feet. And happy feet = a happy hiker. That’s the simple formula we live by in Patagonia. Our guide explores what exactly we mean by the  “right boots” as well as how to find and fit them. We also cover preparing your boots for your Patagonia hiking tour, which might just be the most important part of all.

14. Top 8 iPhone apps for Trekking in Patagonia

army survival guide appSmart phones are the new Swiss army knives, just load them up with useful apps and you can take everything from a full library of reading material including army survival guides and camping recipes to a GPS tracker and an orienteering compass. We’ve chosen our favourite 8 apps to help you get the most out of your Patagonia hiking tour.

15. Five Ways to Explore Patagonia

cycling in patagoniaPlanning your Patagonia tour is about more than deciding where to go and when to go there. You’ll soon discover that Patagonia is the perfect playground for adventure sports enthusiasts and that raises the question of how you’re going to explore. Some of the world’s most iconic hiking routes are found here, but there’s also a long-established tradition of horseback riding in Patagonia. Or you could try an activity like kayaking, mountain biking or sailing!

Is there something missing from our top 15 Patagonia tour resources? Ask us about it in the comments below and we'll put it right!