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Run the 1st Torres del Paine Ultra-Trail!

From the creators of the Patagonian International Marathon, comes the first ever Torres del Paine Ultra-Trail, scheduled to take place on September 26th 2014.

Most avid runners who revel in challenging themselves on unique terrains and at varying distances will already be familiar with trail running as the traditional yet more extreme alternative to road running. The main difference between the two, lies in the scope of terrain that you cover on a trail run: from the mountainous to the desert-like, trail running is about battling through the extreme environments of the Earth’s most emblematic natural wonders, whilst pushing your physical limits. There is perhaps no other location in the world better suited to this than Torres del Paine National Park!

Located in southernmost Chile, the mountainous, snow-peaked, leafy terrains of Patagonia, which sit amongst majestic valleys and ice-fed lagoons, provide a stunning natural backdrop amidst which participants will run, in the presence of the region’s diverse wildlife.

Participants of the Torres del Paine Ultra Trail will gain 2 point towards the 6 points needed to participate in the official North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, a trail which is part of an international circuit incorporating running trails in some of the world’s most extreme and stunning locations, from the Moroccan desert, to the French Alps, to the beaches of Hong-Kong.

The Torres del Paine Ultra Trail differs from the Patagonian International marathon mainly in its physical strenuosity. With the shortest trail length being 42km, (the longer one being 67km) the Ultra Trail, although accepting of applicants of all ages and running levels, does require a higher level of fitness than the marathon, of which the shortest route is 10km.

Torres del Paine Ultra Trail 42km and 67km

This unique race, due to take place one day before the Patagonian International Marathon, is the first official trail event organised by NIGSA (Nómadas International Group SA) and the National Forestry Corporation of Chile (CONAF). Participants and supporters can therefore be assured that the race itself and preparations for the race will have a minimal effect on the fragile environment of Torres del Paine National Park.

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For more information about how to apply or how to change your from the marathon to the Ultra-Trail, visit the Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you want EcoCamp to be your host during your racing period, chat to our travel experts to make a booking!