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Pre-Season Sale: Best Value 2015/16 EcoCamp Patagonia Adventures Are Available Right Now

A few weeks ago I took my mother to Torres del Paine, to spend some days together at EcoCamp. I fell in love with Torres del Paine on my first trip and it still remains my favorite place in Chile. So while my mother was over from Germany, I was extremely happy to finally share this beauty and hike together in Torres del Paine!

If like me, you are thinking about taking your beloved ones to Patagonia, then it is time to look ahead to next season – especially if you like saving some money! Cascada Expediciones has just published a pre-season offer valid if you travel in September/October 2015 or end of Abril 2016, which is still running until 1st of May 2015. 


Pre-season offer: Travel 2015/16, pay lower 2014 price!

Travellers who make a full payment until 1st of May 2015, booking a Wildlife Safari, 7 Day W Trek or 5 Day W Trek for spring (Sep/Oct 2015) or Fall (the end of Apr 2016), enjoy a lower 2014 price. If Patagonia has been sitting pretty on your bucket list, now's a great time to cross it off!


Multi-generational adventure

My mom enjoys hiking, but was quite worried about not being able to keep up with the rest of the group. There were people of all ages at EcoCamp and the day we took the full day hike to French Valley, our group was particularly multi-generational! A younger couple, a single lady, a couple in their sixties, my mother and I all hiked together. Our guide, Sarah, was really good at adapting the walking pace to a rhythm that was fine for everybody, so the age difference weren't an issue. My mother is still proud that even though she didn't reach the final viewpoint, she took up the challenge and got close enough for some extremely beautiful views of the park.

Maike and her mother in Patagonia
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Maike and her Mum hiking in Torres del Paine National Park
"66% said spending quality time together was their main reason for going on a multi-generational holiday" - The rise of multi-generational holidays


We stayed in a EcoCamp Suite Dome and Mom was impressed by the commodity they offered. She used to camp a lot when she was younger, and as a family we've always enjoyed outdoor activities, however nowadays she's become more comfortable and needs a private bathroom and a good bed. Everything exceeded her expectations, and she could not believe we even had a wood stove in our dome!

This trip will for sure remain in our memories for a long time! It was great to share these special moments and a common passion: our love for nature. I felt that doing these kind of activities together as a family makes you become closer and get to know each other all over again, from a new perspective.

See for yourself:

To make the most of our Pre-Season Offer you need to book and pay your trip 100% before May 1, 2015 and travel during Patagonia Spring or Patagonia Autumn. 
Choose your adventure tour and promotional departure date:

  • Wildlife Safari - departure dates every day: between 10th of Sep - 27th of Oct 2015 or between 18th of Apr - 8th May 2016,
  • 7-Day W Trek - departure dates every Monday : 28th of Sep, 27th of Oct 2015, 18th of Apr and 25th of Apr 2016,
  • 5-day W Trek - departure dates every Sunday: 4th of Oct, 26th of Oct 2015, 17th of Apr 2016 and  24th Apr 2016.

Want to design your own Patagonia trip?

Contact Lorena Maya - Nature & Wildlife Travel Specialist or Ignacia Jimenez - Trekking Travel Specialist
and soon it'll be you making friends jealous with your holiday pics!


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Maike worked at Cascada between 2005 and 2011 as the European Sales Manager and after a brief stint back in her native Germany she decided she just couldn’t bear to work anywhere else so back to Chile she flew and re-joined the Cascada team in 2013 as our head of sales! Her favourite place in Chile is Torres del Paine but she’s also happy staying a bit closer to Santiago and heading to the beach or the Andes Mountains for the weekend, when she’s not busy with her
friends at the theatre, doing yoga or making handicrafts. A member of the office cycling team, Maike is happy to be working at a company which represents what she believes in - nature, the good old outdoors and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Smiley, creative and dedicated Maike recommends that all visitors in Chile take the opportunity to get out into the mountains on Santiago’s doorstep, indulge in Chile’s best seafood in the form of ceviche and crab pudding and always travel with a good book & good travel companion.