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Patagonia Travel: Top 8 Eco Travel Gadgets


Living an eco-friendly life doesn’t have to mean simply going without! Reduction is just one strategy to lessen our impact on the world around us. Reuse, Recycling and finding clean energy alternatives are also proactive ways that you can live a greener life with all of the same comforts as anybody else, even when you’re travelling. We’ve put together a list of our Top Eco Travel Gadgets to help you tread lightly on your Patagonia vacation!


solar phone charger1. Solar Phone Charger

Patagonia is the perfect destination for solar-powered accessories. Not only is it highly likely you’ll be taking on an extended hike out in the wilds where there’s no grid power, but you’re so far south that at the height of summer you’ll enjoy up to 17 hours of daylight each day. Long hours of daylight means plenty of time to charge your phone, or even your iPod or laptop, using a specialist solar charger like this one from Solio. This charger comes with a built in battery that stores energy gathered from the sun, so you can top it up during the day and charge your electronics by night!

recycled toothbrush2. Recycled Toothbrush

Before you panic, we should make it clear that a recycled toothbrush is not a brush that someone else has used before! Rather, it’s a brush made from recycled plastic products; in the case of the Preserve brush the handle is made from recycled yoghurt pots whilst the bristles are new (phew!). Not only is the toothbrush recycled, it’s also recyclable. Simply mail your old toothbrush back to Preserve after three months (or when it’s looking a little tatty) and they’ll send it off to be ground down and transformed into a picnic table, a park bench or a boardwalk! And when travelling to Patagonia you can even order a handy travel case to keep your brush clean and dry whilst it's packed away.

bottles for recylcling3. Recycled Daypack

If you’re not the sort of person that often needs a hiking daypack, you might consider borrowing or renting one to cut down on waste. However if you’re thinking of investing in a pack for long term use why not look into the recycled daypack options? EcoGear daypacks are manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles, saving them from sitting in a landfill site. They come with padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort and moisture-wicking technology to draw perspiration away from your body.

batteries4. Wind Up Torch

Batteries are a real environmental menace, containing a whole cocktail of harmful chemicals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, copper, zinc, manganese, lithium and potassium that can leak from improperly disposed batteries and into the ground. But if you’re camping out or staying in refugios out in the Patagonian backcountry, you can’t really do without a light! The solution? A wind up torch that uses manpower in place of battery power to light you on your way. The Eco Torch from The Glow Company uses three super-bright LEDs and can be fully charged using your in-car cigarette lighter or by hand. A mere 60 seconds of manual winding provides up to four minutes of powerful guilt-free illumination.

lush cosmetics5. Earth-safe cosmetics

You might never have given much thought as to whether your cosmetics are bad for the environment, but your regular household soaps and shampoos can contain all kinds of chemicals that are less than eco-friendly, not to mention the endless plastic bottles they arrive in. That’s where LUSH’s shampoo and conditioner bars come in. Because they’re solid bars rather than liquids they don’t need packaging in disposable bottles, and as an added bonus you can be sure to arrive in Patagonia without gunk-filled hiking boots after a mid-journey cosmetics explosion! All LUSH products are made without harsh chemicals and without excess packaging. You can even buy a reasonably priced reusable tin to transport your cosmetics safely.

standard alarm clock6. Water-Powered Alarm Clock

Getting out of bed is never much fun, no matter where you are. But watching the morning sun rise over the Patagonia’s cinematic landscape certainly takes the sting out of it. Make sure you don’t miss the sunrise with an eco-friendly alarm clock. This water powered alarm clock from Bedol dispenses with the need for disposable batteries and suspect chemicals by harnessing the power of ions that are naturally present in all tap water. The clock is just as reliable as its battery-guzzling cousins and one helping of water is enough to keep it running for 12 to 14 weeks depending on the makeup of your local water. Cut down on heavy luggage by filling your clock once you arrive in Patagonia!

steel water bottles7. Reusable Water Bottle

A simple thing like a sturdy reusable water bottle can make a huge impact on your environmental footprint. By reusing the same bottle you’ll avoid the temptation to repeatedly buy disposable plastic bottles when you’re out and about. If you’re looking to avoid plastic altogether you might prefer a stainless steel bottle from Klean Kanteen, who also supply steel food canisters that cut out the need for plastic wrappers.

kindle ereader8. Solar Ebook Cover

Are ebooks greener than paper books? E-readers may need electricity to charge, but what about all of the trees that are chopped down to provide paper for traditional books? It’s a tough question, but this travel gadget may finally swing it in favour of the ebook. The SolarFocus Kindle Cover combines protection, illumination and reserve power to create the ultimate eco ebook accessory. Not only does the cover include a small light for nighttime reading powered entirely by solar power, it can also be used as a backup power supply if your Kindle should run out of juice. As far as we know, this is currently only available for the Kindle 4, but here’s to hoping that it will be available for use with other brands and models in the near future!

To book your eco-friendly lodging in Chilean Patagonia, check out Cascada’s tour options at EcoCamp Patagonia!