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Patagonia Tours - Get 20% off in Spring 2015

While we don't always shout it from the rooftops, we do have a secret confession to make.

We have a soft spot for spring.

But why? Well, besides the colors and flavors (Chile's spring markets overflow with newly picked asparagus, artichoke, and other yummies), and the fun in the air (in September, the country celebrates its national holiday or Fiestas Patrias), when it comes to visiting Patagonia, spring is a great season to strap on those boots and get out there! And let's face it: adventuring in Patagonia is what we love best.

Why do savvy hikers visit Patagonia in Spring? Let us count the reasons:
1. Visit a brand-new EcoCamp

Spring Patagonia adventurers will be among the first to set foot in our newly revamped EcoCamp. While winter's snowy white blanket fell over the landscape, our Patagonian home was stirred into new life. Now that September is here, our brand new domes, community spaces, and even greener energy concept are ready for you to experience. We're just itching to share them with our guests.

2. Experience born-again hiking trails

The season's first visitors will breathe new life back into trails that were closed during the freezing winter months. Trekking paths that haven't seen a human for months is pretty dang magical - as is catching a glimpse of Patagonia's unique wildlife, something you're much more likely to do now before summer's crowds.

3. Bargains for spring hikers

Best of all, eco-adventurers visiting us in October get to snap up our Patagonia Spring Special: 20% off all new bookings for our much-loved Wildlife Safari (5 and 7 days), 5-Day W Trek, and 7-Day W Trek. For you, dear spring-time trekker, this means more Patagonia - and gourmet fusion meals, comfy Domes, world-famous trails, and fresh southern air - for your dollar.

To claim your Spring Special, remember:

  • Bring a friend (the special is valid for 2+ people)
  • Pick your preferred experience (choose from our time-honored Wildlife Safari or 5/7 Day W-Trek) in the Dome of your choice.
  • Complete your payment upon booking (sorry, no deposits and refunds possible)
  • Don't dawdle! Your 20% discount is waiting for you until September 30, 2015

Interested? Get the ball rolling with our Travel Consultants Team - and we'll see you in Patagonia!

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