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Best Places to Eat in Santiago

Are you planning a trip to Santiago? If so, then get your taste buds ready! Santiago, Chile is full of delicious, trendy restaurants that offer a wide variety of international and national dishes. I’ve been living in Santiago for several years now and have had the chance to check out a lot of great places to eat. Here’s a guide to some of the best:

EcoCamp’s Inspiring Documentary “Adventure is for All” was Awarded in Cannes

EcoCamp Adventure for all

We are so pleased to announce that EcoCamp’s documentary “Adventure is for All” was just awarded in Cannes, France on January 31st. The award is for “Best Video by a Professional of Tourism,” which was given during the third edition of Trophées de la Vidéo Touristique. There were 170 videos submitted from 35 different countries, and we came out on top!