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NEW Epic Patagonia - Multi Activity Adventure

Cascada’s brand new multi activity program Epic Patagonia takes you through the highlights of Torres del Paine on foot, on horseback, by bicycle and by kayak! Each day brings a new adventure as you wake up in your EcoCamp Suite Dome, breakfast with your group and head out into the Patagonian wilderness for a different activity. 
The new trip is a limited edition program and has just four departures this season - Sunday December 16th, Sunday January 13th, Sunday February 10th and Sunday March 10th. Each month this unique trip starts in Punta Arenas in Chile or El Calafate in Argentina and takes adventurers into the heart of Torres del Paine to their accommodation at award-winning sustainable hotel EcoCamp Patagonia.
Day 1 is spent journeying to and settling into guests’ new dome homes at EcoCamp then day 2 the real adventure begins as the group heads off to Laguna Azul by bike, enjoying a Patagonian BBQ upon arrival! Day 3 brings the group to Grey Lake where they kayak among glacial icebergs and then descend Grey river, while day 4 involves horse riding just through the Patagonian plains with a local Chilean cowboy. Day 5 is the climax of the trip as the group hike up to the base of the Torres and see the granite spires in all their glory from the glacial lagoon below. The final day of the trip the group leave EcoCamp and are driven on to the airport or to continue travelling with Cascada.
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Breakfast and dinner each day are enjoyed in EcoCamp’s Community Domes on big long tables while lunch is enjoyed in the park’s wilderness during the day’s activity. The evening aperitif and briefing is held in EcoCamp’s lounge and EcoCamp’s brand new bar area can be enjoyed after dinner to socialise with other guests.
To celebrate this new launch, the first in our series of Top Picks, we’ve decided to offer a 10% discounts for the first two departures dates! Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this new unique multi activity trip - Book now to experience Epic Patagonia!