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NEW EcoCamp Extension - Patagonia Horse Riding

EcoCamp’s Extension series continues with another classic Patagonian activity, horseback riding! This Extension is a full day trip to a Patagonian Estancia (ranch) just outside Torres del Paine National Park, steeped in rich history and regional culture dating back to the days of the first Baqueanos who explored the region on horseback.
Your guide will be a local Baqueano who will lead the way across the scenic pampa, telling stories about his ancestors and the region’s history including famous baqueanos like Santiago Zamora who integrated with the European colonists and spent his life exploring the region alongside them on horseback.
The activity is for everyone, from beginners to experienced rider, and is the perfect opportunity to extend your Patagonia trip by one day to experience the region on horseback after your days of trekking in the park. 
The extension includes an aperitif, dinner and a night at EcoCamp Patagonia in either a Suite or Standard Dome. The following morning you leave the park with your outward journey from your regular EcoCamp program. 
Patagonia Horse Riding
Please note that Patagonia Horse Riding is an EcoCamp Extension Tour.
Prices are only valid as an extension to our Ecocamp Tours.

What is an EcoCamp Extension? 

EcoCamp Extensions are excursions you can book in addition to our regular EcoCamp programs, to enhance your Patagonian experience. These tours can take place before or after your main program but we strongly recommend doing them afterwards to maximise your arrival experience at EcoCamp with your fellow trekking/Safari group members. Transport in and out of the park is not included as these services are covered by your regular program with EcoCamp. If you wish to book an EcoCamp Extension without any other EcoCamp program please contact us so we can give you a quote.

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