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Hiking Equipment

This section covers all you could need to know about what to bring on your Chilean and Argentinian adventures. From essentials such as hiking boots, packs and other equipment, to high-tech solutions that utilise your smartphone to enhance your travel experience. Any ideas you'd like to see written about please send an email to If you're keen to get kaleidoscope updates subscribe to our Feed Feed or via Email

Tips for smooth client trips


Let’s face it: Organizing an overseas trip is a lot like putting together a puzzle. With so many pieces to keep track of, sometimes one or two get kicked under the table. At Cascada, we aim to make your job easier as you communicate with your clients helping to make their journey to Chile the smoothest it can be.

Planning Your Patagonia Adventure: You Asked, We Answered - Monthly Mixed Tape

Traveling overseas can be a headache at the best of times, but when a hiking adventure in Patagonia is on the menu, trip logistics can cause a veritable migraine.
It’s normal to have questions when organizing a hiking trip in Patagonia, and here at Cascada we’ve heard 'em all. That’s why we’ve put together this handy little link cheat sheet – to help you unfog your mind and get excited about your Patagonia adventure!

Hiking in Patagonia: 21 Unbelievable Hiking Hacks

We love life hacks, all of those ingenious little tips and tricks that make life a little easier and a bit more fun. And when you’re hiking in Patagonia with a limit on what you can carry, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every piece of kit and clothing and find crafty solutions to any problems that arise. There are plenty of life hacks you can apply to hiking, but many of them simply aren’t suited to Patagonia’s chaotic climate or its delicate ecosystem. So we’ve done our homework and put together a list of the truly useful hiking hacks for your Patagonia hiking tour.

Torres del Paine W Trek: The Only Checklist You Will Ever Need!

The Torres del Paine W Trek is a classic route around the most breathtakingly beautiful national park in Chilean Patagonia. Threading its way around megalithic mountains, splashing through icy streams, creeping past grumbling glaciers and winding through elegant verdigris forests, it’s not hard to see why the W Trek is one of the most iconic hikes in South America. But as you’d imagine for a multi-day hike at in the unblemished wilds at the bottom of the world, there’s a certain amount of kit, clothing and preparation that goes into completing and enjoying this unique challenge. That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate packing and preparation list for the Torres del Paine W Trek. This is it. The daddy of all W Trek checklists. The only one you’ll ever need!

Hiking in Patagonia: 15 Uses for Duct Tape

Hiking in Patagonia is, for many people, the culmination of many years of dreaming and planning. So if you’ve worked long and hard to make your Patagonia hiking dream a reality you don’t want to risk being scuppered by unexpected kit failure. Whilst you can plan to be prepared to a certain extent using our guides to what to wear for your Patagonia hike and the 10 essentials to bring on your Patagonia hike, sometimes issues do arise without warning. That’s why whenever we set out hiking in Patagonia, we always pack the duct tape. You don’t even have to bring a whole roll; just wrap a length of tape round a hiking pole and you’ll always have some with you when you need it. If you’re wondering why, here are 15 reasons to get you started!

Patagonia Wildlife Safari - A Photo Journey

Patagonia, at the far southern tip of Chile ,is one of the world’s few remaining truly wild frontiers. Venture into the unspoiled Torres del Paine National Park and you’re sure to see flocks, herds, colonies and packs of animals that you’ve never seen before, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking at and where to search for the more elusive creatures. That’s why a guided safari of Patagonia’s wildlife is the perfect way to see some of the plants and animals that lend Patagonia its unique feel. A guide knows exactly what to look out for and where to look for it, as well as being a fount of interesting facts on everything flora and fauna related. All of the photos you’ll see here were taken on just one of Cascada Expediciones’ Guided Patagonia Wildlife Safaris at EcoCamp Patagonia, in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine W Trek: 8 Tips to Save Your Knees!

The world-famous W Trek in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is known as a classic hike that is challenging but not particularly steep for most of the time. Still, only a country that lives in the constant shadow of the enormous Andes could refer to this terrain as “Patagonian flat” - it’s certainly not short of its ups and downs! On the one hand that’s a good thing since it means you get to alternate the muscle groups you’re using, but it doesn’t make the downhills any gentler on the knees. It’s not just senior hikers who might feel their joints aching after a day or two on the trail, so here are some steps you can take before, during and after your Torres del Paine W Trek to look after your knees!