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Take a Bite of Chile's Best Sandwiches


Cultures and countries all over the world have each added their own unique twist to one of the most common and enoyable meals of all time: the sandwich. The medianoche, the Philly, the banh mi, the doner kebab, the croque monsieur...a good “sammie” transcends borders and connects people all over the world, because who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

8 Reasons Chile's Central Wine Valleys are the Perfect Romantic Getaway

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start figuring out how to mark the occasion. But this year, in place of the usual fancy dinner with wine, why not go right to the source of that aphrodisiac libation and spend Valentines in the heart of South American wine culture: Chile’s wine valleys.

A Very Merry Chilean Christmas: Chile's Holiday Traditions

christmas stock pic

Deck the halls and light the lights, it’s that special time of year!

Countries around the world each have their own unique holiday traditions, and Chile knows exactly how to celebrate this joyous season. But you’ll find no White Christmases here (but lots of cheer!). With the holiday season taking place during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, instead of chilly weather and warm fires, holiday revelers enjoy their shopping and festivities in warm, sunny weather, cooling off with trips to the beach or seasonal foods and beverages.

A Toast to Carménère: Celebrating World Carménère Day, Nov. 24


Today, we raise a glass to Chile’s flagship wine: Carménère.

This bold, complex red varietal, now a notable stand-alone wine but originally used for blends, is Chile’s version of Malbec; a high-quality, New World nectar of the gods that’s putting its parent country on the wine-world map.

In honor of World Carménère Day, we’re going back to the roots of this once-thought-extinct, Old to New World vine, exploring its distinctive taste and how it became a global ambassador for Chilean winemaking.

Is it possible to eat gluten free in Torres del Paine? You bet!

Javier Lopez

For traveling foodies, the pleasure of perusing a foreign menu, ordering from a street vendor's unusual snack selection, or savoring a new dish's unique flavors is the very heartbeat and reason for travel. Sharing meals is such an integral part of the travel experience that the very names of many countries evoke images of food almost immediately - just try whispering sweet nothings of "Italy, India, Japan, France, Vietnam, Peru, and Greece..." to a food traveler and challenge their mouth not to water! But how do travelers with dietary concerns fare when on the road?


A Foodie's Crash Course in Chilean Cuisine - Monthly Mixed Tape

A Foodie's Crash Course in Chilean Cuisine - Monthly Mixed Tape

For foodies, hearing of those who eat "because they have to" is a little, well, sad. With a planetful of colorful cuisine to sample in a lifetime, it's no wonder trying new foods features so highly on most travelers' to do lists. Chile doesn't disappoint. From the north's tropical fruits, to its central valleys' wine regions and the gamey creations dreamed up in Patagonian kitchens, discerning palates exploring Chile won't feel bland. In this month's Mixed Tape, Chilen food (plus options for vegetarians and hikers) is our focus. Grab a fork!