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Final day Early Bird Special for 2012/13

Today is the final day to take advantage of EcoCamp Patagonia’s early bird special! Until midnight tonight, July 31st, make the most of the 5% discount on all EcoCamp Wildlife Safari programs and W treks during EcoCamp’s 2012/2013 season. Programs include EcoCamp Patagonia’s Wildlife Safari, in either Suite Domes or Standard Domes, and EcoCamp’s 5 day short W trek and full 7 day W trek. 

Guests on all of these trips enjoy the delights of the unique and sustainable EcoCamp Patagonia, with its cozy domes and sociable community dinners. Wildlife Safari explorers have the chance to discover the park’s highlights including Grey Glacier, French Valley, the Towers and diverse wildlife trails, returning to EcoCamp each evening for night time festivities. Trekkers doing the W enjoy the same highlights in the park and spend the majority of nights at EcoCamp, with additional nights spent in comfortable mountain huts.
Enjoy the Patagonian Big Five, Connecting with Nature in Torres del Paine and the Top 10 Patagonia highlights on your EcoCamp experience. Book now for your final chance to save 5% on 2012/13 EcoCamp Patagonia tours!
Check out EcoCamp’s brand new W Trek video to whet your appetite!