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EcoCamp proud to become a Long Run Initiative Supporter

Cascada is proud to announce that EcoCamp Patagonia is the latest official supporter of the Long Run, an initiative designed to support responsible and sustainable projects around the world. The Long Run initiative is the flagship initiative of the Zeitz Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to promote the 4C’s of sustainability - Conservation, Culture, Community & Commerce. 
Long Run supporters such as EcoCamp share the Zeitz Foundation’s philosophy and endeavour to uphold the Long Run charter in every aspect of their business, prioritising the 4Cs to keep the future for The Long Run. 
EcoCamp has pledged to join a shared philosophy using foresight not fear and creating optimism not fatalism as well as committing to crucial actions relating to the 4Cs and EcoCamp’s active engagement with them, always maintaining a fair (balanced), honest (sincere), positive (constructive) and creative (innovative) attitude to promoting sustainable lifestyles.
EcoCamp is the first Long Run supporter in Chile and in Patagonia and joins a selection of sustainable companies from across the world, from the U.S to Kenya to Nepal. See EcoCamp's Long Run profile. Also check out EcoCamp's sustainability efforts in detail.
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