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EcoCamp partner REI’s CEO is Obama’s nomination for Secretary of the Interior

Sally Jewell, CEO of the Seattle-based outdoor gear retailer REI, has been nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama to be the next Secretary of the Interior. The United States Secretary of the Interior is the head of the United States Department of the Interior which manages and deals with the conservation of federal lands and natural resources in the U.S. (the department is not to be confused with Homeland Security who are similar to Chile or other countries’ Interior Ministry!). The Secretary of the Interior is also a member of the President’s Cabinet. 
REI was founded in the 1930s by mountaineer Lloyd Anderson and in 1938 he and his wife Mary convened with 21 others in Seattle’s climbing community to establish an outdoor gear co-operative. Since then the company has grown and grown to its current standing of 3.5 million active members and other customers today. Sally Jewell joined REI’s board in 1996 and became Chief Operating Officer in 2000, being named CEO in 2005. 
REI have a strict sustainability policy and are committed to giving back to the communities where they operate and supporting outdoor introduction to today’s youth so that they may “prepare the next generation of environmental stewards and protect nature's legacy of trails, rivers and wild lands for years to come.” As a nearly $2 billion dollar company, REI’s giving back goes a very long way!
REI Adventures, the travel arm of the company, offers small group trips worldwide with authentic and unique lodging. EcoCamp Patagonia, with its sustainable ethos and unique accommodation, is of course REI’s Torres del Paine W Trek program choice
On March 7th the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will hold a hearing to consider Jewell’s nomination. Cascada and EcoCamp are proud to voice their support for Sally Jewell and urge you to do the same! Having Jewell as Secretary of the Interior will benefit all U.S. citizens and the wider world by ensuring that someone from the outdoor recreation business world who recognises that U.S. natural resources are fundamental to the economy, local livelihoods and local communities is working to protect U.S. public lands and waters. 
Here’s what you can do if you want to support Sally Jewell’s nomination, taken from the Outdoor Industry Association’s advocacy campaign:
1. First, tell your senators that you support Sally Jewell.
Send a letter to your senators expressing your support for Ms. Jewell’s nomination. Her hearing is March 7, so please submit your letter by March 5. Download the letter template.
2. Use your social media networks to encourage others to show their support.
Here is some verbiage you can cut and paste to your social media networks:
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
Do you believe in a balanced future for our nation’s public lands and waters? Voice your support for Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior. Act by March 5!
For a balanced future for our public lands & waters, support #SallyJewell as Sec. of the Interior. Act by March 5:
Your voice makes a difference. Thanks for your help. 
If you have questions or want to help further, please contact David Weinstein, OIA’s outreach and advocacy manager.
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