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EcoCamp busy planting in Torres del Paine reforestation project

EcoCamp is participating in a Torres del Paine reforestation project led by Agrupación Medio Ambiental Torres del Paine (AMA) who have been leading biodiversity projects in the national park since 2004, working with a base of volunteers and local cooperation. 
The reforestation project is officially headed by CONAF (Chile’s forestry corporation) and financed by Chile’s Ministry of Public Works. EcoCamp has a very good relationship with CONAF and has worked on numerous projects with them over the years relating to environmental management and safety protocols in Torres del Paine. 
The reforestation project is a plan for the ecological restoration of the park areas damaged by the forest fire at the end of 2011 and also the fires in 2005 and 1985. The project, which started planting at the begining of March 2013, will plant 50,000 new trees, 30,000 of which will go directly to the zone affected by the 2011 forest fire in the eastern sector of the park near Grey Lake and Pehoe Lake. Osvaldo Vidal, biologist and doctor of silviculture, is working on the project with AMA, integrating a new technique including the use of the zone limits between affected and unaffected areas of soil to aid growth. 
The majority of trees are Lenga Southern Beech Tree (Nothofagus pumilio) and the remainder are Ñirre (Nothofagus antárctica) and Chilean Firetree (Embothrium coccineum). The trees have been in a tree nursery for the last year and a half, close to town Puerto Natales, and are now being taken to the park and replanted with the help of volunteers such as EcoCamp staff. EcoCamp is not only supplying volunteers but also food and transport for all of the volunteers - three cheers for EcoCamp!