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EcoCamp Patagonia open and receiving guests!

EcoCamp Patagonia welcomed its first guests this morning following the official partial reopening of Torres del Paine National Park. Guests who had spent the night in Puerto Natales eagerly awaiting their park entry were driven to EcoCamp early this morning to start their Wildlife Safari program or ‘W’ trek.
The tourism sub-secretary and regional tourist board have announced the sectors which will be open to the public in Torres del Paine - All are in the eastern and northern zone of the park which has been unaffected by the fire. The principal area is the triangle zone between Los Cuernos to the west, Laguna Amarga to the east and Serón Camp to the north (the popular base trek to the Torres viewpoint falls within this zone). The second area is in the north-eastern sector of the park and the third in the northern area of the park leading all the way to Los Perros camping, forming the first half of the Ecocamp Paine Circuit. 
Modified itineraries will be used for multi-day treks, during which hikers will explore areas of the park originally scheduled and less well-known but equally beautifully areas of the park which have been unaffected by the fire. As soon as the new itineraries for Wildlife Safari and all treks are finalised we will make them known, please be patient until this moment. 

Map TDP open sector

We wish to underline that EcoCamp itself has been unaffected by the fire and although treks may continue to be modified for some time, we encourage guests to be excited at the prospect of coming to Torres del Paine and getting to know the diverse areas Torres del Paine has to offer while enjoying the unique and sustainable EcoCamp Patagonia.
Latest Updates about modifications of some of our Torres del Paine trek itineraries: